Contact Tracing of Participants: Data Sheet Mandatory for In-Person Activities

June 10th, 2020 | by

As already announced to employees last week, we must also guarantee that all participants of in-person teaching and exam sessions can be traced in accordance with the updated NRW Coronavirus Protection Ordinance. In addition to the participants’ name and address, their telephone number is also required, which is voluntarily stored on RWTHonline. For this reason, all participants must complete this document at each session. If necessary, this information must be sent to the health department of the city region. The institute must keep the data secure and then destroy it four weeks after the event.

“When it comes to exams, gatherings of people at the entrance must be avoided,” explains Vice-Rector for Teaching Professor Aloys Krieg. For this reason, the University institutions must distribute the form with each exam on the designated desk. “Students must fill in the form during the exam. At the end, the form will be collected together with the exam papers, then separated from them, securely stored, and destroyed after four weeks,” continues Professor Krieg.

For all other in-person sessions (oral examinations, reviews, lab courses, excursions, etc.), students must bring the completed form to each session and hand it in. Participation in the session is not permitted without the completed form; this also applies to teaching staff.

In the case of lab courses, etc. with several sessions, we recommend the University institutions give students the chance to record the relevant information in a list, which can be available online or in paper form. To avoid creating two attendance lists, this list is added to the examination papers and is subject to the corresponding retention periods. Students or instructors who do not wish to do so have the right, and therefore also the obligation, to hand in the relevant document at every single session, so that the information can be destroyed after four weeks. 

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