HSZ Sports Program for the Winter Semester Now Available

September 29th, 2020 | by

The University Sports Center (HSZ) has now published its sports program for the winter semester under the title “WiSe 20/21 – Restricted Program”. In coordination with the crisis management team, concepts have been developed to make an extensive sports program possible while meeting the strict distancing and hygiene demands. The HSZ is looking forward to a successful sports program in the new semester and welcoming all sports enthusiasts.

Due to the current situation, the HSZ has already had to cancel all major sports events. Excluded from this are snow events. However, the number of maximum participants will be significantly reduced to make bus travel safe and guarantee that the participating groups are small. Furthermore, there will be no “après-ski” social activities.

Unfortunately, however, the “Extra Tours” initially scheduled for the 20/21 the winter semester must be canceled. The risk of a potential spread of the virus is too great, and the HSZ could not ensure the adoption of the measures needed to contain it.

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