Uncertaintly Around Exams Being Able to Take Place Until Mid-February

January 21st, 2021 | by

The German government has extended lockdown measures until mid-February. For the University, however, it is the Coronavirus ordinances issued by the NRW state government that form the basis for implementing measures. It was reported in the media today that the University unfortunately cannot expect this to be issued any time soon. No one can therefore confirm at the moment whether the 51 written exams scheduled from now until mid-February will actually be able to take place.

The central exam planning team is currently consulting the instructors concerned to sound out which of these written exams can be offered in alternative exam formats, i.e. not held in person. This will probably only be an option for smaller written exams. The University is also checking whether it can arrange a different exam format (without in-person attendance) for the ZuseLab exams at short notice.

Other written exams may have to be postponed. It all depends on the regulations in the new Coronavirus Ordinance. It is already clear that Shrove Monday will be included in written exam planning. The University also urges students to look out for last-minute announcements from their instructors and to continue to prepare for their exams. If exams have to be postponed and this affects students who urgently need to take the exam, such students will be informed of the possibility of claiming exceptional circumstances (petition for “Härtefall”) well ahead of time.

The University is aware that the current uncertainty around the exam plans is stressful for both students and instructors. However, it hopes to be able to provide specific information on the exam period in the coming week.

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