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January 21st, 2021 | by

The legal requirements relating to travel are being continuously updated. The German Ministry of Health (BMG) has issued a Coronaeinreiseverordnung (CoronaEinrVO for short, Coronavirus Entry Ordinance in English) in addition to the Coronavirus Entry Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Ministry’s Ordinance also contains specifications on reporting, testing, and self-isolation obligations when entering Germany from abroad. In addition to risk areas, the Ordinance also designates current areas with high infection rates and areas in which virus variants are present. Further information is available on the website of the Robert Koch Institute: RKI risk areas.

The following still applies as a basic principle: As soon as an individual exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, they are banned from entering the RWTH premises with immediate effect. Business and private travel is strongly discouraged for all individuals. If, however, an employee goes on a trip, the Crisis Management Team and University Management request that the individual finds out about the classification of the travel destination and the currently applicable reporting, testing, and isolation obligations there well ahead of time. Division 8.3 is happy to advise employees on this matter.

Exemptions for cross-border commuters and individuals entering the country from a risk area for urgent work-related reasons or because of their training or studies continue to apply. In case of doubt, employees should contact the responsible health department. Individuals who are subject to mandatory testing are not allowed to enter the RWTH premises until they have received (negative) test results.

If a certificate is required for absolutely necessary and urgent travel to an employee’s country of origin, the following departments will be happy to help:

  • Division 2.1 for students
  • Human resources departments for employees
  • Division 2.2 for guests, visitors, service providers, etc.

RKI risk areas
CoronaEinrVO – NRW
CoronaEinreiseV – BMG

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