Important Information on Ordering Free Self-Tests From the RWTH Purchasing Portal

April 22nd, 2021 | by

From now on you can book the required number of free self-tests for up to three weeks in the RWTH Purchasing Portal in just one order. This was announced by University Management and the RWTH Crisis Management Team.

The self-tests can be explicitly offered to students who are required to be on site at RWTH for a lab course or to work on their thesis. The same conditions apply as for employees (one test if on site up to two days per week; two tests if on site more than two days per week).

When placing your order, please enter the purpose and the time period for the ordered items in the comments section. Please also note that this test provision may not lead to an increased number of members on site at RWTH. The University would like to emphasize that – in the interest of infection prevention and control – it is still exclusively offering tests to members only when they are required to be on site.

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