Provision of Further Self-Tests

April 16th, 2021 | by

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is planning to provide self-administered COVID-19 tests for employees who come to work on campus at RWTH. As the test kits are packaged in units of 20, these tests can only be effectively used on-site at RWTH. Therefore, the RWTH Rectorate and Crisis Management Team are asking University institutions to create appropriate testing facilities in suitable rooms. Further information on the requirements and the test procedure can be found in German under this link.

All employees who come to work on campus must be offered one test per week for up to two days of in-person work and two tests for more than two days of in-person work. Individuals authorized to place orders can now order the tests free of charge from the RWTH Purchasing Portal for their University institution. Please note that only one week’s supply can be ordered and delivered at a time for logistical reasons. If institutions wish to team up with other institutions to avoid small order quantities or use shared test rooms, joint ordering is possible. Such requests must then be indicated in the comment field provided for this purpose.

The Rectorate and the Crisis Management Team ask you to observe the following instructions:

  • It is still possible for University institutions to purchase self-tests in individual packaging from the RWTH Purchasing Portal to meet additional demand or for special purposes.
  • The regulations regarding employees taking a free rapid COVID-19 test (“Citizens’ Test”) during working hours continue to apply.
  • The testing service for cross-border commuters from the Netherlands, offered at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, will be extended to commuters from Belgium until further notice. This is due to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia’s decision to no longer offer free Citizens’ Tests for this group.

The Rectorate and the Crisis Management Team urge you to make active use of the testing opportunities provided. The purpose of the tests is to detect asymptomatic COVID-19 infections. The aim is to make the current on-campus activity safer and should not lead to increased in-person work at RWTH.

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