Important Information on the Current Developments From the Crisis Management Team

December 6th, 2021 | by

The State of North Rhine-Westphalia has amended the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance once again. Due to these adjustments and the general developments regarding infection rates, the Rectorate and the Crisis Management Team have agreed on the following regulations and recommendations:

Teaching and Exams:

The previous regulations for 3G checks for attendance at teaching activities and exams are still in effect (see This also applies to the Access Concept, which regulates the thoroughness of the checks.

For all teaching activities and exams, all participants are also required to wear a mask, including when they are at their seat. This requirement applies to study spaces too. Exceptions only apply to events where masks cannot be worn for occupational safety reasons (e.g. potentially lab and practical courses in chemistry) or for immunized instructors (2G rule) who can maintain the minimum distance (1.5m) from all other participants at all times.

Research & Ongoing Operations (Objective: Contact Reduction):

  • Congresses/Symposia/Third-Party Events
    • For events that are not associated with teaching and exams, only thorough checks are to be carried out (complete check of 2G or 3G proof – depending on the type of event – as well as thorough proof of identity).
    • All participants are required to wear a mask at events, including when they are at their seat. Exceptions only apply to immunized instructors (2G rule) who can maintain the minimum distance (1.5m) from all other participants at all times.
  • In-Person Work Meetings/In-Person Work on Campus
    • Groups of employees who wish to continue to make use of the 2G rule (see are now required to use a self-test every workday.
    • We would like to remind you of the obligation to make a home office offer in the relevant areas of work (see also
    • The need to attend any work meetings in person should be questioned (ideally, switch to a virtual format). If in-person meetings are necessary, however, the number of participants should be kept to a minimum.
    • When it comes to business trips, we also strongly recommend critically questioning if they are necessary at present with the objective of reducing such trips and postponing them where possible.

In addition, given the current situation, the Rectorate and Crisis Management Team recommend not holding work events (such as Christmas parties) at present. If such events do, however, go ahead, any employees who do not attend for infection prevention reasons must not suffer from any disadvantages.

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