Adjustments of COVID-19 regulations at RWTH

March 23rd, 2022 | by

The amendments to the Infection Protection Act have led to the following adjustments of COVID-19 regulations at RWTH:

  • The 3G rule at the workplace has been dropped. The building-related 3G rule thus also no longer applies. Please note, however, that until April 2, 2022, participating in courses and exams will continue to be possible only if the 3G rule is observed. The previous offers or obligations to check for 3G-compliance remain in place.
  • Employers are no longer obligated to make a home office offer to their staff. However, home office arrangements can still be implemented as an appropriate infection control measure. The regulations in force from April 1, 2022 regarding working from home and situational mobile work can be found here [].
  • When working on site, employees must be offered at least one self-test per week. These tests can still be obtained free of charge from the RWTH Purchasing Portal. [ ]
  • The recommendations of the Occupational Safety and Radiation Protection Staff Unit for working on site have been updated. Please find the updated version here [ ]

The previous regulations continue to apply in all other respects. As soon as the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has come to a decision about the COVID-19 regulations effective from April 3, we will inform you in a timely manner. This applies in particular to regulations that may affect teaching activities and exams. Currently, however, more far-reaching regulations (such as not continuing the 3G rule, etc.) are not expected as of this date.

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