Current Measures and Developments

July 21st, 2022 | by

The Rectorate and the Crisis Management Team have once again assessed the current pandemic situation and would like to inform you about the following measures and developments:

Provision of and Use of Self-Testing Kits

Employees who work on site must continue to be offered one self-test per week. Since the federal state has now stopped providing for the financing of these tests, the University institutions must pay some of the costs for them. The self-tests are now available for purchase at 80 cents each in the RWTH Shop for all University institutions. The Central University Administration will provide the difference (currently approx. 1 euro) for the purchase price of the tests.

“We Are Still Wearing Our Masks” Campaign

The Rectorate and the Crisis Management Team continue to strongly support the “We Are Still Wearing Our Masks” campaign. By actively participating in this campaign, we can all do our bit to at least slow down the spread of infection.

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