Important Guidance From the Crisis Management Team on the Regulations Effective From April 4, 2022

April 1st, 2022 | by

The previously effective legal regulations regarding access to teaching and exam activities (3G rule), distancing, and masks cease to apply from April 3.

General Information

Due to the current infection rates, the Crisis Management Team and the Rectorate strongly recommend that the AHA-L rules (distancing-hygiene-mask+ventilating) be observed wherever possible. I would like to point out the RWTH campaign here: We Are Still Wearing Our Masks.

Appropriate templates for rooms, entrances but also presentations are available at

Please note that any individuals with cold symptoms that have not been clarified by a doctor are still not allowed to enter the RWTH premises. In this case, please first have the symptoms clarified by a doctor. Correspondingly, chronically ill persons are recommended to keep a medical certificate on them for their own convenience, if necessary.

If individuals have a coronavirus infection, they are asked to familiarize themselves with the relevant isolation rules (see also Here, of course, the ban on entering RWTH premises also applies. Information on the duration of required isolation periods can be obtained from the local health department.

Notes on Working On Site

  • The recommendations of the Occupational Safety and Radiation Protection Staff Unit have been updated. The new versions of the documents are available at:
  • Partly as a result of the changed legal framework and partly due to the increase in on-site work, supervisors must review and once again adjust risk assessments for working on site. The templates for the risk assessments are available here: Please note that measures resulting from the risk assessments (e.g. wearing a face mask) are binding for all employees.
  • Last year, the so-called “2G” option (not to be confused with the 2G rule) was introduced. Employees who wish to use this option can find further information here:

Further, supervisors may grant remote working as an appropriate infection control measure. The regulations in force from April 1, 2022, regarding working from home and situational mobile work can be found here:

The Crisis Management Team and the Rectorate are aware that at this stage of the pandemic, it is even more important than before that all of us in the university community act responsibly not only on our own behalf but to protect others as well. RWTH has come through the pandemic so well so far because University staff has been very conscientious when it comes to implementing the existing regulations, thus demonstrating a special sense of community and solidarity. The Crisis Management Team and the Rectorate would like to appeal to everyone to continue in this spirit and act responsibly!

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