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RDM Workshops in the 2nd Half of the Year – Register Now!

August 11th, 2022 | by
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Source: Martin Braun

The RDM further education programme for researchers at RWTH Aachen University in the 2nd half of 2022 is now online. Register right now and save your place in the workshop!

Basis of the workshops

The self-study courses in RWTHmoodle provide an introduction to Research Data Management. They bear the suffix RDM I in the title. In German or English, you will receive a brief introduction to the concepts of Research Data Management (RDM) and an overview of the services and infrastructure offered by RWTH Aachen University, based on the life cycle of research data.

  • Überblick zum Management von Forschungsdaten (FDM I – online)
  • Research Data Management – an Overview (RDM I – online)

The self-study courses are offered on an ongoing basis and can be started at any time, worked on at your own pace or used for reference. All in-depth RDM II events build on RDM I. Thus, prior participation in the RWTHmoodle course is mandatory.


Going deeper into RDM with RDM II-compact

In 8 hours spread over two days, the RDM II-compact workshop offers the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics addressed in RDM I: data management in practice, data management plan, metadata as well as archiving and publication of research data. The focus is on practical exercises and collegial exchange to reflect on one’s own working methods and optimise them with new input.

  • 28.09.22 | 13:00-17:00 to 29.09.22 | 09:00-13:00: Kompakt-Workshop zum Management von Forschungsdaten (German only)


Get to know or deepen individual aspects of RDM flexibly with RDM II-modular

In April the RDM team launched the new training concept for Research Data Management “RDM II-modular”. The two-hour hands-on workshops on focus topics of RDM offer an expansion of the previous range of topics and even more space for live demos, hands-on exercises and practical examples. You have the flexibility to participate in individual or all modules depending on your time and interest, as they do not build on each other. Only the contents of the RDM I self-study offer are assumed.

After the “Data Management Plan Writing Workshop” in April, “FAIR Data through Publication” in May and “Research Data Management in DFG Proposals” in June, the following RDM II modules will be offered in the second half of the year:

  • 24.08.22 | 10:00-12:00: Using Wikidata – basics of knowledge graphs explained (English only)
  • 19.10.22 | 10:00-12:00: FDM-Plattform Coscine – mehr als gratis Speicherplatz! (German only)
  • 23.11.22 | 10:00-12:00: Basics Metadaten und das Erstellen von Applikationsprofilen in Coscine (German only)

Please note the selection option when registering for PhD students or postdocs of RWTH Aachen University.

Learn more

All events on Research Data Management and the registration options can be found in the RWTH Events Database.

The RDM team will also be happy to support you in the individual preparation of an RDM workshop for your field of work. Please contact the ServiceDesk for this or for general questions about RDM. The RDM team looks forward to hearing from you.


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