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RDM Highlights 2023

December 28th, 2023 | by
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Looking forward to the new year, we look back on an exciting 2023. What topics have fascinated and inspired the RDM community? The year was characterized by numerous interesting developments, and the importance of FDM continues to grow.

The year 2023 marks another milestone on the road to more effective and sustainable data management. We look forward to the coming year with excitement and hope for an equally exciting, informative and groundbreaking time in research data management.

In this blog post, you can find out which changes and events have raised awareness of RDM and generated excitement.


RDM Network Meetings

We look back on many exciting RDM network meetings in 2023. Topics such as “Export control and RDM”, “RDM in clinical trials”, “FAIR and FAIRPlus Cookbook” and the TRUST principles were covered, discussed and recorded in follow-up reports on our RDM blog. The purpose of the RDM network meetings is to present current RDM topics with best practice examples and to support data stewards and researchers in their work with RDM. The next meeting will take place on January 10, 2024 as part of the event “Fundamentals of scientific metadata: why context matters“.


Research Data Day 2023

This year’s Research Data Day in North Rhine-Westphalia was once again one of the most eventful days in the field of RDM and took place for the third time. Under this year’s motto “Promote and refine data: Bring your data treasure to light”, the state initiative for research data management once again hosted a digital morning program full of exciting presentations and lively discussions. The RDM platform Coscine was also represented in the cross-location morning program and was presented by Katja Jansen.

As in the last two years, the afternoon program continued with the participating universities and their location-specific and cross-location RDM offerings. This year, a special feature was that the RDM team from RWTH Aachen University organized the lecture and networking event “From Data to Diamonds – Empowering Research with AI and RDM” together with Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZ Jülich) at the SuperC and reached over 80 RDM active and interested participants. The afternoon offered exciting presentations by speakers from FZ Jülich and RWTH Aachen University as well as interesting discussions, new contacts and a wide range of insights into RDM use cases based on 20 posters. We look back on a successful Research Data Day 2023, both digitally and on site, and on a good cooperation with FZ Jülich.


Coscine Regular Operation

A major milestone was reached when Coscine went live in April after a successful pilot phase. The platform facilitates RDM during the research process and integrates the FAIR principles to promote the appropriate handling of research data. For example, single sign-on and ORCID remove institutional access restrictions and enable the storage of different resource types and the linking of metadata at project, resource and file level. The research data can be archived for ten years after the end of the project. The platform offers unique identification through handle-based ePIC persistent identifiers and an API for browser-independent interaction. With regular operation, Coscine is establishing itself as a permanent service and is being continuously developed to improve the handling of research data in accordance with good scientific practice. is a pioneering project that promotes efficient collaboration between 42 educational institutions in the network. The platform, based on open source GitLab, serves as a central location for the development of and collaboration on software solutions. By using issues, it enables structured communication, from bug tracking to the planning of new functions. The concept of epics provides a clear structure for organizing and tracking large-scale requirements, allowing educational institutions to better structure and prioritize complex projects and track progress at a higher level. is not just a project, but a visionary initiative for the future of university collaboration in research.


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See you next year

We look forward to welcoming you to our RDM blog again next year and enriching you with exciting content about RDM as well as interesting events such as the upcoming “FDM-Werkstatt” in the new year. The champagne is ready, we say goodbye to the old year and wish you a happy and healthy new year.

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