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Like a Breath of Fresh Air… in September

September 21st, 2020 | by

At least for RWTHmoodle this is the case, because the first big update this year is coming. RWTHmoodle will be updated to Moodle version 3.9, including some minor and major changes. Improvements in accessibility, the widely used e-tests and the selection dialog when adding activities are just as much a part of this as minor adjustments to the forum, the grading of assignments and the question collection.

It's time for an update.

It’s time for an update. (

The exact date for the update to version 3.9 is 09.23.2020.

The biggest change concerns the integration of interactive H5P content. H5P becomes part of the Moodle core with the update to version 3.9. This creates an even tighter integration of the interactive content in all areas of Moodle and thus also a closer integration into our RWTHmoodle. H5P content, for example, can now be created, edited and reused directly in the learning room via a content database. Since this involves a migration of existing data. These improvements will be available with a delay of about 2 weeks.

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