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Welcome to the RWTH, dear students!

November 2nd, 2020 | by

We would like to welcome all students at RWTH Aachen University for the winter semester 2020/2021. Since teaching will be offered online until further notice, it is our special concern as IT Center to support you in your start into the new semester.

With the “Introduction to RWTHonline for Students” nothing stands in the way of a successful start to the semester! (Photo: Pixabay)

Introduction to RWTHonline for Students

On the RWTH website you can find a presentation about the introduction to RWTHonline in the download area. The introduction is aimed at all students of the RWTH and is intended to give a first overview in RWTHonline. Step by step it offers you an orientation and gives you useful tips, for example how to create your timetable or how to register for courses and exams.

How you can register with RWTHonline, you can read in our article “RWTHonline – No Witchcraft!“. The introduction continues with the structure of the homepage and its most important functionalities. It explains where you can find things and gives you explanations about some applications and tips on how to use them. These basics prepare a big topic: The semester planning. For every student this is the first hurdle at the university. You have to understand your course of studies in order to prepare your timetable. This is often perceived as difficult and therefore the most important points are explained in the introduction. At the end there are even checklists so that you can check if you have thought of everything. There is also an explanation of the terms used in the presentation, should something feel Greek to you. So stay calm and take a deep breath. With the introduction you are well prepared!

Further instructions and tips can be found in the RWTHonline document portal, which you can access from the RWTH network. Members of the RWTH can dial into the RWTH network via a VPN connection at any time. The RWTH website also offers information about RWTHonline and has a FAQ about the most important questions that are answered there.

Responsible for the content of this article is Julia-Elena Runkel.

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