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New layout for PasswordReset

July 13th, 2021 | by

Source: Pixabay

Who does not know it? With all the passwords and usernames you have to remember, it can easily happen that you suddenly can’t remember anything when logging in.

Fortunately, this is not a problem at all because there is the possibility to set a new password before logging into the RWTH Single Sign-On or to have the username sent to you. After logging into the RWTH Single Sign-On account, you can then set passwords for all other services in IdM Selfservice.

Attention! The well-known and often used PasswordReset site will undergo a few cosmetic changes in the near future. And so that you are not surprised or even worried that you have landed on a phishing site, we would like to inform you briefly about it.

Currently the layout looks like this:

Forgot password - old design

Forgot password – old design
Source: Own illustration


Forgot username - old design

Forgot username – old design
Source: Own illustration


In the future, the layout will look like this:

Reset password - new design

Reset password – new design
Source: Own illustration


Forgot username - new design

Forgot username – new design
Source: Own illustration


The new layout will be deployed on 07/15/2021.

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2 responses to “New layout for PasswordReset”

  1. Lucy Amadi-Williiams says:

    ich kann nicht mehr auf Eduro einloggen,brauchte eine neue Single-sign on login password

    • Kaminski, Nicole Terese says:

      Hallo Lucy,

      wie können wir dir weiterhelfen? Hat der PasswortReset funktioniert?
      Alle Informationen zum Thema eduroam findest du in IT Center Help.
      Solltest du Probleme beim PasswortReset haben, dann melde dich gerne bei den Kolleginnen und Kollegen vom IT-ServiceDesk.
      Dort kann dir dann geholfen werden.

      Viele Grüße,
      das IT Center Blog Team