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Relaunch of the IT Center Blog – New Design and New Features

February 2nd, 2022 | by
Workstation with computer screen and the announcement of the IT Center Blog Relaunch

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A fresh breeze is blowing through the house. Spring cleaning is not only being done at home. The IT Center Blog is also being spruced up, modernized and optimized.

The relaunch of the IT Center Blog is planned for spring 2022. Our colleagues involved in this exciting project are looking into SEO, improved usability, the integration of social media channels, the design and much more.

The current status of the project

The definition phase and the planning phase have already been completed. In the definition phase, the team looked at the requirements for the IT Centre Blog. We thought about the feasibility of desired adjustments and defined project goals. Of course, we worked out a preliminary plan to estimate the required resources. In the planning phase, we carried out detailed planning based on the rough planning. The focus was on detailed time and resource estimates. And now it’s time to implement the defined milestones.

The blog will be modernised and the menu navigation optimised for you. New features will be added, to better integrate our social media channels. In addition, we are working on optimising the visibility of our website and content for users of a web search engine (SEO). The optimisation refers to the improvement in the organic search engine ranking and can target different types of search. These are image search, video search, news search or the vertical search engines.

In addition, we also work on the appearance. Did you know, by the way,  that our IT Center colour is orange? As soon as we modernise the look of our IT Center blog, we will emphasise the colour orange and we are already working on a creative redesign of the blog and the display image. And to let you know who is actually behind this blog, there will also be some info about the editorial team and the history of this blog.

Most of the adjustments will be made while the Blog stays online. So don’t miss even the smallest changes. A lot of it happens invisibly in the background, but maybe you have already noticed one or two visual changes.

Are you already looking forward to the new appearance and the optimised navigation?

Check in regularly and stay tuned!

Responsible for the content of this article is Morgane Overath.

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