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Kick-Off: Federated Identity

April 29th, 2022 | by
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On February 17, 2022, the consortium of the DH.NRW project Federated Identity ( conducted the virtual, state-wide kick-off. The aim of the kick-off was to communicate the project goal and at the same time to arouse interest. Participants included experts from the field of identity management as well as interested colleagues from universities in NRW and other related institutions, such as participants from and DH.NRW.

On this day, the participants were first introduced to the goal of the project. During breakout sessions on the zoom platform, questions and discussion points were addressed in small groups. The universities Bonn and Giessen already offered support in the areas of attributes and essential groups of people. Other participants also showed particular interest in these work packages. In addition to positive feedback, concerns were also expressed. It has become clear that the project goal is not yet concretely tangible for all people.
The consortium will work on improving this situation and continue to use the relevant communication channels to achieve even greater understanding in the federal state.

Furthermore, the consortium informed about the results achieved so far in the work packages as well as the next steps. In addition to results on common attributes, essential groups of persons and evaluation of technologies, the NRW subfederation within the authentication and authorization infrastructure of the German Research Network (DFN-AAI) was presented in more detail.

The goal is to use the NRW standards developed in the work packages to create a basis that will make future service connections much easier. Identity providers will no longer have to make individual agreements with each service. Rather, the service will be connected to the federation, directly enabling the prerequisite for the use of the service at the universities.

Following the workshop, the consortium was already able to finalize all relevant requirements for the federation. In order to be accepted into the federation, only a head office in NRW is necessary. For admission please contact Gabriel Guckenbiehl.

Our conclusion

The interest in the project was clearly evident. Questions were answered and valuable insights were gained for the further course of the project in positively animated discussions. Among other things, an increased interest in non-web-based use cases was mentioned. Accordingly, a focus will be placed on this in the next state-wide workshop.

In the next step, the work packages will be further processed and the cooperation with the bwIDM2 project of the KIT in Baden-Württemberg, which is also working on federated identity management, will be intensified. The (interim) results will be presented in the next state-wide workshop in Q3 2022.

Further information on the project is available on the website.


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