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New Design and new Features – the new Chat

May 2nd, 2022 | by
Speech bubbles with Chat Support at the IT Center

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Since 2015, in addition to phone and personal support, the IT Center’s Service & Communication department has also been providing chat support. By using this service, you can get in touch with the IT Center’s support team quickly and easily.

By now, our chat support has become indispensable. No matter whether you have questions about RWTHonline and RWTHmoodle, are surfing the IT Center website or visiting our IT Center Help documentation portal, you can send us your questions with just one click on the Chat Support button at the bottom of the screen. Many of your concerns can already be solved quickly and conveniently via this channel. Due to the increased number of enquiries, our availability via Chat Support was extended in March 2020. As of this date, you can reach us via chat from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. In addition, the chat support has now also been connected to our omnichannel system.

A new look for our chat 

As of today, the 2nd of May 2022, our chat is getting a new design and some exciting new functionalities as part of the integration into the omnichannel System. The chat will become more modern and intuitive for you.

Among other improvements, the chat view is receiving a new speech bubble design. Sharing attachments, such as screenshots of error messages, will also be simplified while chatting. The attachments are presented more clearly in the chat.

You are still able to decide whether you want to enter your username or use the chat anonymously.

Chat Support view until 01.05.2022

From old…
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View Chat Support from 02.05.2022

…to new! 🙂
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Your feedback for an even better service

The new design and features of our chat will be put to the test for an initial period. During this test phase, we will put the service and the new features through their paces so that we can fix any bugs that may occur as quickly as possible. During this test phase, we are especially looking forward to your comments and suggestions for improvement. Only through your feedback can we continue to develop and offer you an even better service.

Please let us know your feedback on the new chat here in the comments or directly by e-mail. We are already very excited!


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