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A Look Behind the Scenes – The Proportion of Women in German IT Companies

June 20th, 2022 | by
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What does the proportion of women in German IT companies actually look like? The industry association Bitkom investigated this question and took a close look at 500 companies. We also took the results of the survey as an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the IT Center. You can read about this and more in this blog post. 🙂

Survey by the digital association Bitkom

The industry association Bitkom has published the results of a representative survey on the proportion of women in German IT companies. 500 companies participated in the survey, and at least ten employees had to be employed in a company for the survey. The results showed that in 76 per cent of the companies, the share of women in the workforce is below 25 per cent. However, the proportion of women increases with increasing company size.

Various reasons speak for a low percentage of women in the IT sector, such as the generally widespread image of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. For this reason, ICT companies are increasingly relying on attractive incentives such as further training and flexibility, also as supportive measures to promote women’s careers. More female role models in IT, more family-friendly working conditions and further training programmes can help make the IT profession more attractive and attract more women to ICT companies.

Digital women’s transformation through #SheTransformsIT

Launched in 2020, the #SheTransformsIT initiative aims to strengthen women’s role in digitalisation and drive strong digital policies. Goals such as “computer science for all”, more mentoring programmes in IT and IT-related subjects and an increased focus on more female role models in IT and STEM courses. Based on a 10-point plan, the various goals are to be achieved, because the ICT sector and the share of ICT employees will continue to rise: According to Bitkom, the share of ICT workers is expected to grow to 1.3 million people in Germany by the end of the year.

Proportion of women in the IT Center

As a central institution and service provider in the field of information technology, the IT Center and its IT services are also located in the ICT sector. Thus, we have also carried out a women’s share reality check:

As of the reporting date of March 16, 2022, the proportion of women in all employees, excluding student assistants and trainees, was one third. In addition, the IT Center has a male share of two thirds. The figures have remained very similar compared to last year. Even though the figures are significantly more positive than those of the Bitkom survey, the IT Center also hopes to see the numbers converge further in the coming years. (*)

That’s why the IT Center is always looking for (female) support, whether in our four apprenticeship positions or in all other vacancies. You can find out more about events and apprenticeships on our blog and on our IT Center website. Feel free to take a look!


Responsible for the content of this article is Lina-Louise Kaulbach.


(*) The paragraph was updated on 20.06.2022.

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    Zitat: “Der Frauenanteil aller Beschäftigten […] betrug […] ein Drittel. Demnach hat das IT Center einen Männeranteil von zwei Dritte”
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