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#Goodtoknow – IT Services in the Spotlight

October 28th, 2022 | by
Helle Bauleuchte

We take some important IT services for you in the spotlight, and hence you a few interesting facts at hand!
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#Goodtoknow – IT Services in the Spotlight

Today we have useful knowledge about some of the IT services at RWTH. We have summarized interesting facts about our collaboration and communication tools, but also information about a stable connection via VPN and Eduroam. To keep you connected, we have prepared a small series for you!

Today: Sciebo and Gigamove 

You have just started your studies at RWTH Aachen University and are interested in the IT services that are now available to you?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

As the IT service provider of RWTH, we provide you here on our blog almost daily with interesting and useful information about all IT services that we provide for you. That’s more services than you might think, so take a look at our entire service catalog and get a first impression of what the IT Center has up its sleeve for you.

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Sciebo and Gigamove closely inspected

The collaboration tools Sciebo and Gigamove are perfect for optimizing your workflow and sharing data/documents/content with others.

Did you know that you can also use sciebo to share content with external parties (not RWTH members)?

Through the free cloud service of the NRW universities “sciebo”, synchronizing and sharing files for digital collaboration with RWTH internal, other NRW universities but also RWTH external persons is no problem. With this service, even larger files can be worked on together. sciebo allows you to store data on a server and synchronize them on different devices as well as share them with others. By default, you have 30 GB of storage space at your disposal.

Instructions and information on how to use and create project boxes can be found on IT Center Help:

General Information



Gigamove is your reliable partner for sharing larger files up to 100GB.

To register for the worldwide accessible service you only need your username (in the form ab123456) and the password for the RWTH Single Sing-On Account.

Share files

Request files

Manage files

Check out our blog regularly now and don’t miss any posts! Who knows, you might find THE information you are consciously or maybe unconsciously already looking for in the next post!

In the next post of the #goodtoknow – IT Services in the Spotlight series, we will take a closer look at our communication tools (DFNconf, MS Teams, Zoom and e-mail).


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