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Introduction of Adobe SeviRe

October 26th, 2022 | by
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From now on, Adobe can be found in the Selfsevice of Virtual Resources (SeviRe). RWTH employees who have the role of „IT-purchaser” now have the option to manage licenses for Adobe there.

Included products are Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps pro.

The old license agreement runs until November 22, 2022 while the new license agreement will begin seamlessly on November 23, 2022. The „IT-purchasers” will be informed as soon as the new licenses are available in the software store.

At the moment, Adobe SeviRe is still in its pilot phase. Until the end of November any bugs which may arise will be fixed, so when the new license agreement comes into force everything can continue smoothly.

Prior to this change, the procurement process for Adobe licenses was complex. Before, if employees wanted to use the licenses, they first had to order them in the software store. After receiving the order confirmation, a ticket had to be opened by mail, which was then forwarded to the specialist department.  The software team then entered the users into the Adobe console.
This process could take several days.


To simplify and speed up the whole procedure, Adobe SeviRe has now been introduced. It takes a total of 24 hours to synchronize the order from Adobe in the software store. After that, „IT-purchaser“ can directly manage the required licenses by themselves in the web-based interface by entering the necessary information of the person who will receive the license. Once the person is entered, they will receive an email with the terms of use.

This creates new opportunities for „IT -purchasers”. The complete administration of the licenses is thus covered by them. Purchased licenses can be freely issued, withdrawn again and assigned to other persons. In the “Overview of all licenses” section, persons with the role “IT-purchaser” can see how many licenses they have, which ones have already been assigned and how many are still available. The number of ordered licenses must be taken into account, because only these can be assigned.

However, the general handling of Adobe has remained the same for user.

For self-administration of licenses, you can find instructions on IT Center Help, with further information on the structure and procedure.


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