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New Look in the TK-Portal

May 22nd, 2023 | by
Foto Cisco Telefon

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With the change to the new Cisco telephone system as part of the network upgrade, a shift is taking place. In the old Alcatel Lucent telephone system, call numbers were tied to telephones. In the new Cisco telephone system, on the other hand, telephone numbers are assigned to persons. This provides users with additional options for organizing their communications independently and flexibly.

Employees can use the digital TK-Application to request new installations, relocations or changes for the telephone system of the respective institution.

Benefits for employees:

  • Mobile accessibility under the business phone number even outside the RWTH
  • Individual definition of call forwarding
  • Self-administration by users
  • Activation and deactivation of individual features

This range of functions is mapped by Cisco Jabber as a softphone and by the TK-Portal for configuration.


The TK-Portal in a new design

As you may have already seen, the TK-Portal has received a redesign. The functions, however, have not changed.


View of the new design of TK-Portal

Source: Own Illustration


At the top right you can switch between the German and English view.

By clicking on the respective info symbol, you will be shown further information on the individual functions.

The menus “General Settings”, “Workstation Phone” and “Jabber Softphone Client” can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the respective bar.

In the individual menus you now have the possibility to make your own settings for your phone number:

All settings you can make for your phone number in the TK-Portal of the RWTH can be found in our updated and detailed documentation on IT Center Help.


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