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RDM at RWTH Aachen University

July 7th, 2023 | by
The Data Life Cyle

Source: FDM-Team RWTH Aachen University

You want to know more about Research Data Management at RWTH Aachen University? In this article you will learn general information about RDM and how you can keep up to date about news, new developments and events.


A Brief Introduction

Research data management, RDM for short, is the systematic handling of research data throughout the entire data lifecycle, from collection, through analysis and further processing of the data, to archiving and publication. In this context, RDM encompasses all methods and procedures that researchers can use to utilize and secure research data in the long term and to ensure that no valuable data is lost.

The services offered by RDM are particularly relevant for researchers and doctoral students. This is because RDM makes up a significant part of the research process. The goal of RDM is to make data optimally prepared and accessible for people and machines in accordance with the FAIR Data Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-Usable).


RDM Blog and Social Media

Launched eight years ago, the RDM blog now counts 318 published posts. Since 2019, you will be informed about current topics with at least one post per week. In the RDM blog, you can find out news about current training offers, read follow-up reports on the open meeting of the RDM network and other events, be informed about upcoming events, and receive background information and news about RDM. Social media posts about RDM are also published via our social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter). (*)


RDM Team and Support

The RDM team is made up of experts from the University Library and the IT Center and cooperates closely with the Department 4.0 – Research. The RDM team assists you with questions related to RDM with a range of support services such as consulting, continuing continuing education offers, and various services such as the RDM platform Coscine, RDMO, GitLab and RWTH Publications. The IT-ServiceDesk serves as a central point of contact for all RDM related questions.


You have suggestions or wishes for the RDM blog? We are also happy about this kind of requests at any time!

Responsible for the content of this article is Lina-Louise Kaulbach.

(*) The paragraph was updated on June 26, 2024.

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