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The IT Center Greets Its New Trainees

August 14th, 2023 | by
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This year, we are once again very pleased to welcome our new trainees.

As a training company of RWTH Aachen University, we give enthusiastic young talents the opportunity to learn and grow in a dynamic and future-oriented environment. This year, we are very pleased to welcome a total of 11 new trainees at the IT Center, who now look forward to their exciting apprenticeships as IT specialists for system integration (FiSi), management assistants for office management (KfB), management assistants for dialog marketing (DiMa), and mathematical-technical software developers (MATSE).

Our IT specialists are primarily trained in the Systems and Operations department (SuB). In addition, other departments and groups of the IT Center also contribute valuable training content to ensure a broad spectrum of knowledge. Management Assistants for Office Management will complete their training in the Finance, Human Resources & Organizational Support (FPO) department, while Management Assistants for Dialog Marketing will develop their skills in the Service & Communication (SeKo) department and will be deployed primarily in the IT Service Desk during their training period. Mathematical-technical software developers (MATSE) receive comprehensive training in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), Process Management and Digitization Learning & Teaching (PDSL), Research Process and Data Management (RPDM) and Systems & Operation (SuB) departments. In the process, they will get the opportunity to gain versatile knowledge and grow into their future roles.


We welcome our new trainees with open arms and are excited to share this journey full of growth, success, and unforgettable moments with them.

Have you become curious? Then feel free to take a closer look at the IT Center’s apprenticeships!

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