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IT Fairytale Hour – What’s the Truth About the Myths?

August 23rd, 2023 | by
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We all know one or two myths that have snuck into our minds over time. Advice like “Put your head in the neck in case of a nosebleed”, everyone has heard before and is still a very common half-knowledge today. But here it is proven that exactly the opposite should be done. Namely, bend the head forward so that the blood can drain off.  

Even in the field of IT, there are some tips that are widespread and firmly believed in.  But is there really anything to it? Which tips and warnings should be taken seriously and which are old news. We want to get to the bottom of it and take a closer look at how much truth there is behind such myths.  


Myth No.1:

When emptying the recycle bin, a file was accidentally and irrevocably deleted! 

We all know it: There are countless files, pictures and data on the laptop and it’s time to clean out, delete old and duplicate files and finally create organization on the laptop again.  

And how do we do that? Quite simply, right-click on the file and click on “Delete”, or with the key combination “Ctrl” + “D”.  After all unnecessary folders and files have been moved to the recycle bin, it only needs to be emptied with two mouse clicks – and that’s it! But stop!! There must have been an important file in between and now it’s gone. Deleted forever and irrevocably? Or is there still hope? 

After emptying the recycle bin, the freed space can be overwritten with new data. But as long as you haven’t saved any new files, there is hope that the deleted file can be retrieved.  For this purpose, there are special tools like Recuva or DiskDrill with which you can recover deleted documents and files.  In any case, you should act quickly and take another look at the files in the recycle bin the next time you clean out your laptop before deleting them. Safe is safe! 

So the myth about files being deleted forever is not completely untrue, but with a little luck and skill, it is possible to retrieve the file from the depths of the recycle bin. 


Myth No.2:

Always shut down the computer, never just turn it off! 

Many of us have heard the cautionary advice to never press the power button, but to shut down the computer properly. But what is the truth behind this saying? 

Admittedly, the idea that abruptly turning off your laptop could cause irreparable damage to your hardware sounds scary. But fortunately, the reality doesn’t look so dramatic. Modern computers and laptops are usually designed to cope with such sudden power interruptions without the hardware suffering. Most operating systems have mechanisms to ensure that running processes are properly terminated and all files are saved before shutting down. 

Nevertheless, an uncontrolled shutdown is not without problems. If the laptop is suddenly turned off, data loss can occur, especially if files or programs were being actively edited or written. The probability of software errors or system instability also increases. Proper shutdown has the advantage of exiting all running processes and open programs in an orderly fashion, minimizing the risk of data loss and corrupted files.  

While it’s not the end of the world to shut down your laptop directly, for the health of the system and preservation of your data, it’s better to choose the conventional way of shutting down.  


That clears up the first two myths, but there are a few others that we’ll explore together in the future.  

Is there a myth in IT that is keeping you busy? Feel free to leave us a comment and maybe we will explore your IT myth in the next part! 


Responsible for the content of this article is Jula Hegeler. 

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