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Welcome, Webex!

November 2nd, 2023 | by
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Today, Webex was activated RWTH-wide. All employees can now use the cloud-based messenger and team collaboration app from Cisco Systems.

In the first blog post about Webex, we familiarized you with the first steps. You now know how to install the app and how to log in afterwards.

But what features does Webex offer and how exactly are they used? We will answer these questions in the following article and introduce you to the four most important functions for using Webex at RWTH Aachen University: Softphone, Chat Collaboration, Cloud Calling, and Meetings.


Softphone in the RWTH Telephone System

With the integration of the softphone, Webex still has the option of making calls via the RWTH telephone system in addition to a classic telephone set. The central technology on site is the Cisco telephone system of the RWTH. Signaling, switching, and encryption run on the RWTH infrastructure. Availability is provided via the business mobile phone number, while working from home, and worldwide. There is also the option to communicate with the outside via Webex. You can then make calls via audio only as well as with video. More information about the softphone can be found on IT Center Help.


Webex Chat Collaboration

Via the chat there is the possibility for simple file sharing. This is a RWTH chat which is fully end-to-end encrypted. The key management servers are operated by RWTH.


Webex Cloud Calling

With Webex Cloud Calling, other Webex participants can be contacted. The connection is end-to-end encrypted. Collaborations and screen sharing are also possible.


Webex Meetings

During video conferences you have the option to use individual background images. Optimized noise cancelling greatly reduces background noise during meetings.

Webex supports standard interfaces so that cross-product participation in video conferences is possible. Video conferences can even be held with external call participants by inviting them to the personal Video Conference room with the provision of an invitation link.

For internal meetings, media data remains within the RWTH network and is not transferred to the cloud. All meetings are end-to-end encrypted. In one space, each member can start an instant meeting or schedule it for a later time. You can also start a meeting in your personal room. Please note that for this the slider “Webex meetings organizer” must be activated in the TK-Portal.

Further information and instructions can be found on IT Center Help.


Responsible for the content of this article are Thomas Böttcher, Marcel Crolla, Jelena Nikolić und Sabine Scherm.

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