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January 15th, 2024 | by
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Python is not just a type of snake for you?

Do you know that SPSS is not a typo, but a software for statistical data analysis?

Would you like to gain or refresh your knowledge of various software for your studies?

Then our free fit in IT courses are just right for you!


Our Courses

We offer the following free courses for RWTH Aachen University students at regular intervals:

The courses teach students how to use common IT programs (currently the Office package, SPSS, LaTeX, Matlab). This should help you to use your own resources and those of the RWTH more effectively. These are good beginner courses, but can also be used to refresh existing knowledge. At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of participation from us, which you can pick up at the IT-ServiceDesk at Seffenterweg 23 after successfully completing the course. On our website you will find the courses currently on offer that are waiting for your registration.

The focus of our courses is on using the software for your everyday studies:

How do I write my term papers?
How do I evaluate measurement series or statistics?
How do I organize my information?


Demand Determines Supply

Register alone or with your fellow students and refresh your knowledge in the various subject areas together, and our speakers, who are also students, will meet you at eye level to answer any practical questions and provide you with advice and support.

Registration takes place via RWTHonline. Please note that your registration is binding.
If you have any questions, please contact the fIT team.
We wish you lots of fun and success!



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