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Change at the RWTH Aachen Software Shop

February 23rd, 2024 | by
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To simplify the procurement processes in the area of software, the IT Center has been operating the RWTH Software Shop in cooperation with asknet Solutions AG for years.

asknet Solutions AG is currently in self-administered insolvency proceedings. RWTH has therefore decided to terminate the current contract in the first quarter of 2024, on March 25, 2024.

In this context, an alternative provider for a new software store is required. This needs a thorough specification of the desired functions and requirements with a corresponding invitation to tender in order to ensure sustainable operation. Due to the short-term nature of the events, the IT Center will offer an interim solution with the most important functionalities for the transition period during the procurement of a new system.

On March 26, 2024, the interim solution AcadCloud from SoftwareOne will be launched with limited functions. Read below to find out exactly what this means.


What is fundamentally changing?

There will be two interim stores: one for students and one for people with the role of “Bestellung IT”. These two stores are linked to each other, making it very easy to switch between them. The option to purchase software privately will be discontinued, as it is no longer appropriate with the introduction of home office during the coronavirus pandemic: the use of software was exclusively for use on private computers for business purposes. Today, the institutions are responsible for the IT equipment in the home office.

The interim solution then not only has a new URL, but also a different design.


Who is affected?

  • IT ordering parties (persons with the role of “Bestellung IT”)
  • Employees of the RWTH (incl. Faculty 10)
  • Students


What will change in the product groups?

  • A products:

These products will continue to be offered. A-products are licenses that RWTH procures centrally and passes on in return for a share of the costs. In future, the invoicing procedure will be carried out via an internal transfer posting. For this purpose, a PSP element must be specified during the order & payment process. The rebooking is carried out via the IT Center. No PSP element is required for students.

  • B products:

Framework agreements have been concluded for these products. Here, costs are only incurred when the software is purchased, which are settled with the respective dealer. This function is not expected to be implemented until the middle of the year, as the payment procedure may still change.

  • Research- and Educational Products (C products)*:

These products are omitted as they are offers from the store operator over which RWTH Aachen University has no influence.


Recommendations for IT ordering parties

We recommend that IT ordering parties save the downloads of their B and C products before the asknet Shop is shut down – i.e. by March 25, 2024 – and order any software still required in these categories.


Introductory event

The IT Center is offering an introductory event on 20.03.2024 and 28.03.2024 for people with the role of “Bestellung IT” on how to use the interim store.


What happens next?

There will be no parallel operation of the software stores. This means that the interim store will go online one day after the asknet Shop is shut down.

Once the interim solution has been successfully launched, the critical phase of procuring the new system will begin. This also includes the specification of functional enhancements for the new system. A changeover to the new, complete solution is planned for the end of this year.


The IT Center is aware that this represents a challenge for smooth university operations and is therefore endeavoring to keep the resulting restrictions to a minimum. The solution presented thus corresponds to the current optimum – especially with regard to the short term.


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please send an e-mail to the IT-ServiceDesk (


Responsible for the content of this article is Nadja Binz.

(*) The paragraph was updated on March 07, 2024.




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