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Review: VI-HPS Porting & Tuning Workshop 2024

March 11th, 2024 | by

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What happened to the well-known aiXcelerate event this year? Well, who noticed?

The VI-HPS Porting & Tuning Workshop 2024 took place at the end of February! This workshop compensated for the aiXcelerate 2023, which did not take place.

That’s why we’re reporting on this year’s VI-HPS Porting & Tuning Workshop in the following blog post.

aiXcelerate 2023

aiXcelerate 2023 was postponed to spring in anticipation of our new CLAIX expansion stage (CLAIX-2023) with Intel Sapphire Rapids processors. In order to further expand the workshop, there was additional national and international support for the analysis tools presented.

The aiXcelerate then became a VI-HPS Porting & Tuning Workshop – the 44th in the series of tuning workshops of the Virtual Institute High Productivity Supercomputing.

Source: Own illustration

This was held simultaneously in a hybrid format at the ZIH of TU Dresden and the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University. Presentations were streamed from the locations in Aachen and Dresden to the other location and at the same time, other participants were able to attend the workshop live via Zoom.

In addition to speakers from Aachen and Dresden, there were also contributions from the NHR@FAU, the Jülich Supercomputing Center, the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and the University of Oregon in Eugene. A wide range of performance analysis tools were thus presented to the workshop participants both on site and online.

The flair of our aiXcelerate was not missed

As with all our aiXcelerate workshops, the VI-HPS Tuning Workshops also focus on the direct application of what has been learned during our hands-on parts, which followed each presentation and in an extensive afternoon session. At this point, the support and guidance provided by the HPC experts present on site is crucial to the success of this concept, which has now been running for 16 years.

Performance engineering is seen as an elementary component of research software engineering (RSE), which enables researchers from a wide range of backgrounds to learn the necessary software engineering skills to successfully conduct computer-aided science. As a founding member of the VI-HPS, the IT Center supports the productive use of HPC systems at state, national and international level.

But that’s not all

In addition to the well-known aiXcelerate, PPCES is also a long-standing tradition at the IT Center. The event “Parallel Programming in Computational Engineering and Science”, or PPCES for short, takes place every spring.

Today is exactly that day in spring, because this year’s PPCES will take place from March 11 to March 15. Of course, we will keep you up to date on our social media channels!

The agenda for this year’s PPCES comprises the following three main topics:

Monday and Tuesday: OpenMP

Wednesday and Thursday: Message Passing Interface (MPI)

Friday: Machine & Deep Learning

Registrations are still possible at short notice. Get in touch with us by e-mail and we will secure you one of the coveted places!


Responsible for the content of this article are Dunja Gath and Marc-André Hermanns.

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