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Video Tutorials on Multifactor-Authentication and the Token Manager

March 8th, 2024 | by
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On February 1, 2024, the RWTH Aachen University introduced multifactor-authentication (MFA) for the VPN service. This will significantly improve the protection of the IT services you use.

You can learn how to use MFA for VPN and how to set up your second authentication factor in the Token Manager in the first videos in our video series on multifactor-authentication, which we are presenting to you today.

But first let’s find out what multifactor-authentication is:

MFA is a security procedure where you need a security code in addition to your usual login details. This is generated by a separate device or app, as is the case with online banking, for example. In our blog post “Security Mechanisms Unravelled: MFA”, we have already gone into more detail about MFA mechanisms.


Video Tutorial Part 1: First Steps in the Token Manager

In the first video tutorial, we introduce you to the token manager in the Selfservice. We will explain the first steps you need to take to protect your services with a second factor. The video also explains how to generate the TAN list.

Have you mastered the first steps in Token Manager and created your TAN list as a backup? Then the second video in the MFA series will guide you through the next steps required for the VPN service.


Video Tutorial Part 2: Token Setup for VPN

In the second video tutorial, we will explain the relevant token types for the VPN service:

  • Hardware token for VPN and RWTH Single Sign-On (HOTP)
  • Authenticator app e.g. for smartphone (TOTP)

At the end, we also show you how to use the two token types when you log in to the VPN service.

You can find a detailed blog post about MFA for VPN on our blog.


What Are the Next Steps?

Other RWTH IT services will be protected with multifactor-authentication in the future. To make the procedure as easy as possible for you, we are already working on additional, helpful tutorials for you.

If you need help with other topics, you can find various video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

We also provide you with our public documentation platform IT Center Help. There you will find an extensive collection of illustrated step-by-step instructions.


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