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Time to say goodbye, RWTH-Tenant!

March 6th, 2024 | by
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Some time ago, we already started cleaning up the Microsoft accounts in the old RWTH-Tenant. First, it was the turn of the students of RWTH Aachen University.

Now we will continue with the Microsoft accounts of the employees, so that at the end of the clean-up campaign we can duly say goodbye to the RWTH-Tenant.

In today’s article, we’ll explain what the clean-up campaign is all about, what you should look out for, and where you need to take action yourself.


The Clean-up Action

For licensing reasons, the creation of new Microsoft accounts on the RWTH-Tenant was already deactivated in August 2021 as part of the license changeover. In addition, student accounts were removed from the well-known RWTH-Tenant some time ago.

In the next step, all Microsoft accounts of employees on the RWTH-Tenant will now be deactivated at 23:59 on 29.04.2024. This means that from that point on, employees will no longer have access to the RWTH-Tenant, as well as to Microsoft products obtained through it and documents stored in its Microsoft Cloud (e.g. OneDrive, OneNote and SharePoint).

But don’t worry, employees of the RWTH still have the possibility to use some Microsoft 365 products for free via the RWTH. How? We’ll tell you below in our article.


Now it’s Your Turn: Back up Your Data

Your To-Do’s:

  • Check whether you use the RWTH Tenant at all and if so, which products you use.
  • Data downloaded and backed up locally?
    • OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • SharePoint Online
    • Etc.
  • Windows devices switched to a local account?
  • Office license switched to all devices?
  • Encryption software BitLocker disabled?
  • New invitation needed for Microsoft account in M365-Tenant for an external team on Microsoft Teams?
  • Documents made available anew for RWTH-external persons (via another medium)?


You will have to download all data created or stored in the RWTH-Tenant, e.g. in Office, OneDrive, OneNote or SharePoint, from the account before 29.04.2024 and back it up locally to prevent data loss. Access to this data will no longer be possible once the account has been deactivated.

Please also note that the backup of your data will not be taken over by the IT Center, but has to be done by yourself.

If you have made documents available   in the RWTH-Tenant (e.g. in SharePoint) to persons external to RWTH, you should inform them about the upcoming change and make the documents available via another medium, if necessary.

Before the account deactivation, please also check on your Windows devices whether the login is done via your RWTH e-mail address. In this case, please change your Windows devices to a local account. Please also check if the encryption software BitLocker is activated on these Windows devices and deactivate the software if necessary.

You can find instructions and details on how to do this on our information page in IT Center.

What happens to the RWTH e-mail address?

Don’t worry, your personal RWTH e-mail address is not affected by this action and will not be deleted.


The M365-Tenant

Since March 2020, all employees of the RWTH have automatically received a free Microsoft account on the M365-Tenant (login with and can thus use the Microsoft 365 products offered there (Office and Microsoft Teams).

If you are working with the Microsoft account from the RWTH-Tenant in another tenant as a guest or have been invited thereto (for example in Microsoft Teams), you have to be re-invited with your Microsoft account from the M365-Tenant.


Documentation and Support

We have already created an for you in IT Center Help, where you can find all the information and related instructions about this clean-up.

Detailed information and instructions about Microsoft 365 at the RWTH Aachen University can also be found in IT Center Help. In the FAQ section, you can already see some questions and answers about M365 at RWTH.


Responsible for the content of this article are Désirée Lemoine und Nicole Kaminski.

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