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Hahn: Dynamic synthesis of passenger car pass-by sounds

Oktober 22 @ 11:00 - 11:30

Progress in the field of computer-based calculation and simulation of sound fields and acoustic propagation effects enable numerous new applications for auralisation, e.g. design of cities and buildings, noise reduction and machine learning. In addition to the consideration of audible propagation effects a realistic synthesis of the source signal is essential for the generation of an aural impression that is close to reality. In this thesis a digital synthesizer for the generation of passenger car pass-by sounds is presented, which has been implemented in C++. The synthesis follows a real-time capable procedural approach based on a physical model of the engine and the exhaust system utilizing digital waveguides. Additionally, directional properties of the sound emission are modelled using invers filtering of acoustic propagation effects in the recordings of conducted passenger car pass-by measurements. Next to the synthesis of sounds created by processes inside the engine the synthesizer includes a functionality for the generation of tyre noise. This is achieved by filtering white noise in the frequency domain based on the results of the measurements. The synthesized passenger car pass-by sounds are analysed and compared to the spectrum of a real passenger car. Also, the CPU usage of the synthesizer is evaluated.

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Oktober 22
11:00 - 11:30