For Students

CAMMP week Pro: 20.5-24.5.2024

Registration open until: April 15th, 2024

What?    Excursion week in computational mathematical modelling applied to real and relevant research topics.

You get in touch with relevant and interesting mathematical questions of different interdisciplinary research fields. Supported by professors and PhD students, you will work in small teams of 5 – 6 students from different fields of study on current research topics of the Forschungszentrum Jülich. A variety of topics, ranging from electrostatics, molecular dynamics and the data fit of gravity waves to image processing and visualisation of protein chains, assures that all areas of interest are covered. In the end of the week the obtained results will be presented in front of the advisors.

The CAMMP week Pro offers you a complementary addition to your field of study and grants you insight into the application of mathematical modelling to highly relevant research topics. Moreover, the CAMMP week Pro provides the opportunity to arrange student jobs or find an interesting topic for your thesis.

Topics from the CAMMP week Pro 2022

  • A Particular Matter of Coordination: Understanding Solid Two-Phase Percolating Electrodes (IEK-13, FZJ)
  • Reconstructing the Topology of Spiking Neural Networks Based on the Firing Activity (JSC, FZJ)
  • Identifying Gravity Wave Events from Atmospheric 3D-Temperature Data (IEK-7, FZJ) (AICES, RWTH)
  • Communication Infrastructure for Planetary Exploration (MBD, RWTH)
  • Reactor Modelling and Simulation for Microgel Production (AVT.SVT, RWTH)
  • And the memories bring back, memories bring back you… (IEK-2, FZJ)

Who?   Students with both mathematical and programming skills, especially from:

  • Mathematics (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)
  • Computational Engineering Science (M.Sc.)
  • Simulation Science (M.Sc.)

When?   May 29th (morning) – June 2nd (evening) 2023

Where? Youth hostel in Simmerath (Eifel)

Transportation and accommodation will be organised centrally.

Costs?  Around 70 Euro per student (transportation, accommodation and catering)

Registration? The registration for 2024 is open until April 15th, 2024. Choose the module to register for based on your course of study:

Mathematics (M.Sc.), Computational Engineering Science (M.Sc.) and Simulation Science ( (M.Sc.): Please register on RWTHonline for the Seminar Computergestützte Mathematische Modellierung. The CAMMP week Pro can be accredited with 3 CP (CES, SiSc) or 5 CP (Mathematics).

Mathematics (B.Sc.): Please register on RWTHonline for the Forschungsmodul Computergestützte Mathematische Modellierung. The CAMMP week Pro can be accredited with 3 CP.

Computer Science, Data Science and Physics (B.Sc. & M.Sc.): Please register via email to cwp@combi.rwth-aachen.de. Accreditation might be possible.

Computational Engineering Science and Mathematics B.Sc. students who wish to take the M.Sc. module early can also register for that via RWTHonline. However, please inform us with a short email.

Note:   The CAMMP week Pro is held in English.

Questions or more information? Please send an email to cwp@combi.rwth-aachen.de


„All in all, a very great week. I learned a lot and it was interesting to work in an interdisciplinary team.”

“Exciting projects and good social interactions – A good learning experience.”