Free Attempt Regulation Effective Until End of Summer Semester Exam Period

February 17th, 2021 | by

The Crisis Management Team and Management of RWTH would like to assure students that the free attempt regulation is still valid until the end of the summer semester exam period. This means that an exam graded as “failed” or “insufficient” is considered to not have been taken.

This does not apply if students fail to attend an exam without providing a good reason or if the exam is assessed as “failed” or “insufficient” due to a cheating attempt or any other breach of regulations. In such cases, the attempt will indeed be counted.

All students should note that, as a rule, they can withdraw from an exam up to 24 hours before the exam date without specifying a reason for doing so. If they are unable to take an exam due to illness and can no longer deregister from the exam, students may, however, withdraw from it (even retroactively). As a rule, they must obtain a certificate of inability to take an exam on the day of the exam and submit it to the Central Examination Office, or ZPA, on the third working day after the respective exam date at the latest. The certificate can be sent via email.

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