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„Every Year Again“… comes the RWTHmoodle user survey

October 19th, 2020 | by

„Year After Year” is the beginning of one of the most famous German Christmas carols of today. The RWTHmoodle team also calls it “Every Year Again”. But we don’t have the Baby-Christ coming down on earth like in the carol, we furthermore give the users of RWTHmoodle the opportunity to evaluate the system and the services associated with it.

Your feedback is important to us! (Photo: Pixabay)

So in July 2020 it was time again. 36719 persons, who actively used at least one learning room during the summer semester, were contacted and asked to participate in the RWTHmoodle user survey.
This was the second survey of this kind within the context of RWTHmoodle as the leading teaching and learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. Therefore, the results were all the more important for us – how do the users evaluate this platform and how has it changed compared to the previous year? We wanted to know the answers to these and other questions.

Continued high number of participants and good ratings

A total of 2461 users completed the questionnaire in full and gave RWTHmoodle an average overall rating of 1.92. 83% of the participants gave the system a grade of at least good and 12% gave a grade of satisfactory. Students rated the system with a grade of 1.89, slightly better than the teachers, who gave an average grade of 2.04. We are particularly pleased that the evaluations have improved significantly compared to the previous year and that a positive trend can still be seen. In order to maintain this trend, we will continue to work on improving the platform. Be it through updates to new versions of Moodle or the introduction of new plugins.

The results of the user survey are an important indicator whether the chosen path is the right one and offer us clues where improvements are still possible. For example, the role of “Tutor” was recently redesigned and now offers more possibilities for customization.

Results are available online

Those of you who are interested in more of the user survey results will find a detailed presentation of these and our methodology on the IT Center’s homepage in the Surveys section.

Even though we would like to continue the user surveys continuously, of course you don’t have to wait until the next survey to give your feedback. Suggestions for improvement and criticism about RWTHmoodle can be directed to the IT-ServiceDesk at any time. We are happy to take them up to make RWTHmoodle better for everyone at the university.

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