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New Work – Working from home as a new form of work

October 17th, 2022 | by

Until the beginning of 2020 the normal day-to-day work basically looked normal for almost everyone:
Getting to work in the morning, spending the day in the office with the team, holding meetings, having a quick chat with each other at the coffee machine, and in the evening heading back home again.

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Suddenly, this routine was interrupted. The pandemic changed the way we worked as we knew it, and new or rather less common forms took root, such as working from home.

As of March 2020, working from home was the new norm for many workers. This confronted us all with new and major challenges that we had to adapt to in a timely manner.

One of the biggest difficulties was figuring out how to implement the whole thing technically. When everyone was previously adequately equipped in the office, it then had to be ensured that a suitable IT infrastructure was also available at home.

New Work

The pandemic has had a long-lasting impact on the place of work, and this has created new opportunities.

New Work, as it is now called, describes the change currently taking place in the world of work. The trend is moving away from strict guidelines and towards flexible approaches and personal development opportunities.
What was previously unthinkable or difficult to implement has now become an integral part.
In the meantime, we are at such a good level that many employees do not want to miss working from home.
Due to the pandemic the principle of New Work has rapidly established itself and is characterized by remote work, flexibility, independent work and, above all, trust.

The IT Center also makes use of the new form of work and offers its employees the opportunity to determine their own workplace.

The mixture’s the thing

RWTH Aachen University and the IT Center have adapted to the change and made important adjustments. While it was previously only possible to work from the office, the hybrid version is now available. In this case, the employees are equipped with the best technology for the home workplace in order to exploit the full potential of remote work. Whether they work in the office every day or (partly) at home is up to them.

One little fact: The group of IT professionals is considered the pioneer in home office. To this day, they have an above-average share in the home office.

A work culture characterized by trust and appreciation

The IT Center wants to give its employees a lot of opportunities and support them completely.
Working from home and also taking care of the family is no longer a problem. For many, this takes a burden off their shoulders.
The possibility of working at home also promotes the participation of severely disabled people in working life. Employees should have the chance to better combine work, family and private life. Should something come up unplanned at home, remote work has created the flexibility to respond more easily to private needs during work.

Thanks to the technical equipment in the working place at home, the new working and living environment can be used entirely for oneself and offers a previously unknown degree of self-determination.

This change has opened new doors that constantly optimize everyday working life and create a better work-life balance.
In order to remain future-oriented as an employer, the concept of New Work is relevant in order to retain potential employees in the long term. Many employees support the values associated with New Work, such as flexibility, self-determination and the reconciliation of work and private life.

The concept of New Work sounds good to you and so does the implementation at the IT Center?
Then take a look at the website of the IT Center, we still have some open positions.

Responsible for the content of this article is Sara Erdem.

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