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From CAS Campus Export to RWTHcontacts Export

May 8th, 2023 | by
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As we have already reported, the organization and person directory of the campus management system “CAS Campus” (“Web Phone Book”) is being replaced by the new service RWTHcontacts.

Now the project is proceeding into the next phase: the data from RWTHcontacts must now successively replace the old CAMPUS data in all digital processes.


Deactivation of CAS Campus Exports and Changeover to

RWTHcontacts Exports

Let’s talk about the use of personal and organizational data in digital processes: The publicly available data was previously provided in CAS Campus in the form of anonymously usable exports. This has the disadvantage that there is no central overview of who uses this data for which application. As a result, we do not know who specifically consumes the data, nor which diverse processes it supports or feeds.

Now, to move the project further towards transition and find out who may still be using exports, the project team will be shutting down these exports on May 15, 2023.

If you are affected by the shutdown and are not yet in contact with the IT Center about this, please feel free to email Please include the purpose, the URL of the export and 2-3 possible dates for our colleagues to call you back.

We will then provide you with a new replacement export based on RWTHcontacts. This way we can better support you in case of changes to exports in the future. For a transitional period, the old export can be reactivated if necessary – that’s no problem.


First Switch Off, Then Support New Projects

The project team around RWTHcontacts is currently working intensively on the conversion of the old exports, so that CAS Campus can soon be retired.

So if you have a new project that needs an export, we ask you to take another look at how urgent it is to provide the new export. In less time-critical cases, the project team will be happy to have a bit of your patience, understanding, and your request from the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Information about the project goal of RWTHcontacts, the organizations and people directory can be found for further reading in our articles on the topic:

Instructions and further information can be found on our documentation portal IT Center Help.


Responsible for the content of this article are Michael Gerhards and Morgane Overath.

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