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IT Center Summer Party 2023

September 1st, 2023 | by
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On August 18, 2023, the IT Center management once again invited employees to the annual IT Center Summer Party.After a wonderful summer party in 2022, the employees were looking forward to an exuberant and fun celebration again this year.

After the last weeks were only marked by rain and bad weather, we had fantastic weather on this day
The IT Center party team organized a party for all employees, trainees, student assistants and also alumni. Together we celebrated with good drinks, delicious food, an Olympics and in the best company.

The celebration began with a short speech by Director of the IT Center, Professor Matthias Müller. At this point we would like to congratulate again from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to many more years under his excellent leadership.

Man with a bottle of wine

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A special visit was paid to us by the former director of the IT Center: Professor Bischof.  To celebrate the day, he donated a barrel of beer, a delightful gift for all guests.

As every year, the IT Center Olympics took place. CSE, PDSL, RPDM, FPO, SeKo, Networks, SuB and Management departments competed against each other for the sought-after IT Center trophy. Employees competed against each other in a wide variety of disciplines. The games of the Olympics:

  1. Ballon dart
  2. “Suppenkasper”
  3. Cornhole
  4. Quiz
  5. Helicopter 8 cross 3

The trophy went to the CSE department this year. Congratulations on the well-deserved victory.

Silver cup of the IT Center with rings

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Girl balancing ladle with water

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Of course, for plenty of refreshments was taken care of. Not only a beverage cart provided those present with cool drinks, this year the food truck “Tom’s CurryCup” was also available. There, everyone could stock up on different varieties of French fries, curry sausages and bratwursts, as well as vegan options, and feast in abundance.

In addition, some employees prepared various salads and desserts, so that nothing was missing.

After everyone satified their hunger, the rest of the day was spent with extensive conversations between the various employees of the departments and with plenty of music. In the late evening, the dancing continued and the good mood continued to celebrate while the beautiful weather was enjoyed to the fullest.

We hereby thank the party team of the IT Center, who gave us again a great summer party.
And of course, to Prof. Müller who makes these parties possible.

We are already looking forward to the next summer party!



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