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Ticket Tool Info – Part 2: Advantages of the Ticket-Portal

September 4th, 2023 | by
Ticket with info on the upcoming maintenance of the ticket tool from 12 to 13 September 2023

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The second part of our Ticket Tool-Info series of articles is about the Ticket-Portal and its advantages. After informing you about our ticket tool and its functions in the first article, we would like to take a closer look at our Ticket-Portal in this article, through which you can easily and simply send us all your inquiries, whether technical or not. From logging in to the user-friendly interface to tracking progress to the status of your ticket – the Ticket-Portal offers you everything you need.


The Ticket-Portal offers you the opportunity to submit your inquiries to us by e-mail, chat or telephone and to stay up to date at all times.


Registration on the Ticket-Portal

Are you a student, employee or RWTH partner? Accessing the ticket portal is quick and easy. Simply access the Ticket-Portal with any web browser and log in with your username in the format “ab123456 “and the password of your IT Center Ticket-Portal-Account. Are you using the account for the first time? Then the first thing you need to do is reset the password in IdM Selfservice. If no account is displayed in IdM Selfservice, you can easily create one.


Login screen of the IT Center Ticket Portal

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Please note that RWTH employees need a link between the data in Identity Management and in the RWTH Personal Directory in order to log in. Other groups of people who are allowed to use the ticket portal are listed on IT Center Help.

Before you log in to the Ticket-Portal, you can also select the language in German, English, French or Italian.


How Do I Use the Ticket-Portal?

After logging in, you will be greeted by a user-friendly interface that gives you both an overview of your active requests and the option to enter a request.


Login screen of the IT Center Ticket-Portal

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Overview of Your Requests

You can get an exact overview of your active inquiries by clicking on the arrow pointing downwards in the menu item “Requests”. In addition to your active inquiries, your already solved and closed inquiries are also displayed there.

The overview shows the type of ticket, the reference number, the subject as well as the status and the support level of your tickets. The status of your requests varies as follows:

  • Open: Your request has been received by the IT Center
  • To be checked: Your request is already being processed. A response from the IT Center will be sent soon.
  • Waiting for: We are waiting for a response (e.g. from you or a third party).

The support level gives you an overview of whether your ticket is being processed at 1st or 2nd level. If the ticket is in the 2nd level, it will be processed by the responsible department, in the 1st level by the IT-ServiceDesk. The Ticket-Portal therefore offers you a transparent way to track your inquries.


Enter a Request

Do you have a question about our IT services or a general request? Then the Ticket-Portal will help you to narrow down your request and submit it to us. If you click on the menu item “Enter a complaint”, a form will open. Here you can first select a category for your concern. Then fill in a subject and a description of the issue or problem and add an attachment (e. g. a screenshot) if necessary. A ticket is then generated from this information and sent to the IT-Service Desk – this gives us a direct overview of your concern.


View of the form for entering data

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Further Functions of the Ticket-Portal

On the one hand, you can set the language via the person icon and on the other hand, you can search the portal for words or ticket numbers via the “search function”.

Further functions Edit profile and search function

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Announcement: Major Ticket Tool Upgrade

From September 12 to 13, 2023, a major upgrade of our ticket tool is scheduled. During this period, we will only be able to process incoming requests with a significant delay. During this period, we will only be able to process incoming requests with a significant delay. During the upgrade, we will still be available via chat and telephone. Of course, you can also meet us in person at our offices at Seffenter Weg 23 and SuperC at Templergraben 57. Your incoming e-mails will not be lost during the upgrade. However, they will probably not be processed continuously until September 14, 2023.  The Ticket-Portal will also be unavailable during this period. We ask for your understanding in advance and for your patience in answering your questions and concerns.

You can also check the status of the ticket tool upgrade via our status massage portal.

In the last part of our Ticket Tool-Info series, we will inform you in more detail about the upcoming ticket tool upgrade.



Responsible for the content of this article are Lina-Louise Kaulbach and Malak Mostafa.

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