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Welcome, New MATSE Trainees!

September 15th, 2023 | by
MATSE-Azubis essen und trinken

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This year, we are pleased with the even three-figure MATSE growth! 103 prospective number crunchers have started their dual studies with integrated training as mathematical-technical software developers – MATSE for short.

The newcomers were welcomed at the MATSE beginners’ event on September 4 at the IT Center. The 6th of September also held exciting events in store for our first-year students.

To give you an impression, we have summarized the most important events in this blog post.


MATSE Welcoming

On Monday, September 4, the MATSE welcome event took place. Disciplined, ambitious, and open-minded – the 103 new MATSE trainees were warmly welcomed in our lecture hall. At 9:30 am, the welcome session provided an initial introduction to the MATSE vocational training.


Rally in 3, 2, 1… go!

Also this year the MATSE rally could not be missed. Full of energy, the new MATSE faced their rally tasks starting at 12:30 p.m. and mastered them with flying colors. At 10 different stations, which were spread throughout the IT Center, the 10 groups had to face various challenges and puzzles. In doing so, they were able to demonstrate their mathematical and creative skills.

This way, they explored the paths and rooms in the IT Center on the one hand, and on the other hand, they got to know each other and reached their first milestones as a team in their groups.


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MATSE Services

On the following Wednesday, September 6, an introduction to MATSE services took place as part of the second part of the MATSE beginners’ event. Daniel Weinholz and MATSE trainees Torben Siekmann and Thomas Janissen provided the first-year students with helpful information and input for a successful start into their MATSE education.

Vortrag von MATSE-Azubis

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Award Ceremony

At the subsequent awards ceremony, the team with the most points collected in the rally was crowned the winning team. The lucky team was able to enjoy RWTH multitool tools.

The second- and third-place teams received RWTH mugs and RWTH tote bags as victory prizes.

But it wasn’t just the most points that earned the teams the victory. The first-year students’ skills were also put to the test in terms of ingenuity. At a rally station, they had to show their creative side in a spontaneous sculpture presentation. The winner was a team that presented the theme “Zoo” in a very appealing way. They were rewarded with notepads and pens from the IT Center.


Food and Drinks Are Provided!

For all teams, sponsors, guests, trainers, and former trainees there was the barbecue sponsored by Mathe-Dual e.V. directly after the award ceremony. For this purpose, the parking lot in front of the IT Center building in Kopernikusstraße was transformed into a meeting place for all participants for one afternoon. The participants were well supplied with food and drinks in the best sunshine. In the end, about 140 guests had a successful end of the first days for our first-year students and all new MATSE trainees had a good start into their upcoming training.


What Is MATSE All About?

The MATSE training lasts a total of three years and ends with a final examination by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. At the same time, MATSE students complete the dual bachelor’s degree program in “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science” at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

The MATSE training contains both theoretical and practical components, which are acquired in the main areas of mathematics, computer science, and programming. With this knowledge, an entry into web development, parallel programming, simulation of technical processes, database development, data visualization or statistical analysis, and much more is possible: MATSE are IT specialists for software of all kinds.

So MATSE are both – trainees and students! You want to know more about MATSE? Then feel free to contact Benno Wienke, the MATSE vocational training manager at the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University.

MATSE Roll-ups

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Responsible for the content of this article are Jelena Ćulum and Claudia Keverpütz.

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