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Wenzel: The influence of varying degree of visualization on spatial audio-visual congruency effects with short-term memory performance

2022-06-28 @ 10:30 - 11:30

When understanding and recalling spoken language, various complex processes take place in the brain. Certain circumstances can either impede or facilitate speech comprehension, e.g. visual stimuli such as lip movements or gestures. Although the field of cognitive psychology has already intensively studied short-term memory performance or listening effort in such situations, it mostly uses simple scenarios without plausible visual and auditory material. It is therefore possible that the performance of participants in such studies differs from reality.

This work investigates spatial congruency effects, i.e., the performance of the subjects depending on whether the perceived direction from which the acoustic signal comes is congruent with the direction in which a source is visually located. The established serial-recall paradigm is used, which allows the evaluation of short-term memory performance. As a further variable, a 3D-virtual reality (VR) environment is compared to an acoustic laboratory environment with single screens.

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10:30 - 11:30


IHTA Seminarraum (60 Persons) and Zoom-Meeting (Hybrid)
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