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Welcome to the Summer Semester 2024!

April 10th, 2024 | by
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The nights are getting shorter and the days are getting long again – time for a new semester to start!

With this in mind, we would like to welcome you and wish you a successful summer semester 2024!

Studying has become much more digital in recent years. This means that people are not only learning from books but also a lot on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. Are you already connected?


Good Start – IT Services at RWTH Aachen University

Wondering what to do with your coupon code? The word “VPN” causes confusion? You don’t really know where this self-service is supposed to be?

No problem! We give you an overview and further information about the most important IT services of the IT Center and the central systems.


IdM ConnectMe Coupon Code

A good connection is the best start!

In order to register in the Identity Management (IdM) of the RWTH and to get a username with which you can log in to a variety of IT Services of the RWTH you need to redeem the IdM ConnectMe Coupon Code. If you have applied for a study place at RWTH, you will receive the coupon code for students a few days after your enrollment has been confirmed. If you are employed at RWTH, you will receive the coupon code for employees from the Human Resources Management of department 8.


IdM Selfservice

The IdM Selfservice offers many possibilities for you: There you can change your personal datachange your passwords or even create an account. You can also apply for your BlueCard and upload the corresponding picture in the Picture Manager.
Please note that the IT Center cannot provide general information about the issuance or processing status of your BlueCard. In this case, please contact the RWTH BlueCard Service Point.



… stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to connect from your home network to the RWTH network. For some systems this connection is a prerequisite. Do not forget: First set a password for the VPN account in IdM Selfservice!
How to set up the VPN correctly and connect? Under “Configure VPN” on IT Center Help you will find illustrated instructions for the different operating systems.



Services that require a higher level of security, such as the VPN or self-service, are additionally secured with another factor, multi-factor-authentication. In addition to the password, which is set for the VPN in the self-service, a so-called token must also be set up in the token manager. You can find the token manager in your Selfservice.
There are several tokens to choose from, such as the TAN list or the Authenticator app for your smartphone. This gives you additional protection alongside your password.



The central means of communication during your studies at RWTH Aachen University! Make sure you check your e-mails regularly, so you are always informed. You can check your e-mails via browser or with an app of your choice. On IT Center Help we have provided you with instructions on how to set up various apps under “Using e-mail apps > Installation e-mail clients”.
Please note that before using the RWTH e-mail address, a password has to be set in IdM Selfservice for the “RWTH-E-Mail” account.



“Home is where the WiFi connects automatically” – who doesn’t know it?

To make sure that this is also the case for you in Aachen, you need eduroam access data. You can create them via the eduroam device manager: Either for the device you are currently using or for a different device, for example, if you want to connect your laptop to eduroam in addition to your smartphone. You can also change or delete the eduroam access data in the eduroam device manager.
Please have a look at our IT Center YouTube channel, where you will find a video that explains step by step how to create access data in the eduroam device manager.



Not a service of the IT Center, but a central system at RWTH Aachen University. RWTHonline is the central campus management system of RWTH Aachen University. You can use it to organize your studies, such as registering for courses and exams. The login is done via RWTH Single Sign-On. Since RWTHonline is the heart of studying and teaching, RWTH Aachen University has set up its own RWTHonline Wiki. Important: To access the content, the VPN has to be turned on!



RWTHmoodle is the central, web-based teaching and learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. What does this mean for you?
On RWTHmoodle you will find materials to accompany your courses and e-tests can also be held there. What you will find there is decided by the contact persons of the respective courses – so don’t be alarmed if the courses look different. You can log in via RWTH Single Sign-On with your username and password. You are attending a pre-course? Please note the separate login!
A video tutorial on how to use RWTHmoodle can be found on the IT Center YouTube channel (German with English subtitles)!


IT Center Help and Support from IT-ServiceDesk

You have questions? You need help? No problem!

Just have a look at IT Center Help. There you will find many hints and illustrated instructions. There you will not only find tips and illustrated instructions, but also a very detailed and helpful guide aimed specifically at first semester students (and new employees).

You are also welcome to contact our IT-ServiceDesk. Our colleagues will be happy to help you by phone, e-mail or chat!


Responsible for the content of this article is Sara Erdem.

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