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Internship in Liechtenstein

October 6th, 2023 | by
  • Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering M.Sc.
  • Liechtenstein, Schaan
  • Hilti Group
  • 03/2023 – 09/2023


My internship was mandatory for the completion of my master’s degree in electrical engineering. For this,
I went to the headquarters of Hilti AG in Liechtenstein. Hilti is a tool manufacturer and one of the big
players within the construction market. Being an electrical engineer, initially I was not sure about
opportunities I would have there to combine the internship with my studies. However, through the main
careers page, I filtered all “electrical engineering” positions and found an intriguing position on battery
research. For me, the application was quite straight forward. After submitting my documents, my
supervisor reached out to me just a couple of days later. Here I have heard different stories. Some interns
were waiting for weeks for their response and still got accepted. The answering time depends on the
team, so a fast or slow response does not have to mean anything. My supervisor invited me to a technical
interview. In my case I did not get any detailed questions on certain processes or calculations.
Afterwards, HR invited me to a second interview. The main purpose was to check that I comply with all
regulations. Between submitting my application and receiving the offer, less than two weeks passed. After
I signed the contract, HR sent me a pdf containing all sorts of information on the area, leisure activities,
the dress code in the office, data to put in the forms for the Erasmus+ scholarship etc.


I applied about four months in advance, giving me a lot of time to prepare the stay. Shortly before the
start of my internship, HR sent me some forms, because the workplace is in Liechtenstein, but because of
EU regulations I was only allowed to live in Austria. With few exceptions, all interns live in Feldkirch, the
town at the border to Liechtenstein. For finding an apartment I recommend the websites wg-gesucht and I personally found my apartment on wg-gesucht. Since I wanted to move in with a
friend, we had some troubles to find a suitable apartment because there is not a lot of offers. In general, I
got the impression that many rooms are rented to people through personal contacts rather than the
internet. The rent is usually between 500 and 700 euros. For a restaurant visit I would account around
20€. Feldkirch has a large Interspar in the centre and another Spar towards the Liechtenstein border,
which are both quite expensive. There is also a Lidl and an Aldi (called Hofer) as cheaper options. Since
most shops close between 6 and 7pm already, I usually managed my weekly groceries on a Saturday.

Getting started in the first few days

No matter where you live in Feldkirch, the commute to work will always take around 20 minutes to work.
There is a train with four stops in Feldkirch and a stop right in front of Hilti. At the main station in Feldkirch
you can buy a yearly ticket allowing to take all trains and buses in Vorarlberg for free including the train to
Hilti. The ticket will always be valid from the start of the next month, so if you are in the area a couple of
days earlier, consider checking out the train station as soon as possible. Since many interns come and
go, it is also easy to get a bike which was especially nice during the summer days. Hilti also has some e-bikes that can be borrowed for 24 hours through the urban connect app. Next to figuring out
transportation, you also have to register at the town hall and at the tax office in Feldkirch. The tax office
will hand you out a form specifically for the commute between Austria and Liechtenstein, where you will
have to state your monthly income, expenses and enter personal data. After some time, you will receive a
letter stating the total amount of taxes that you have to pay for the year. Taxes are around 20% and HR
can always answer your questions regarding this topic. Finally, I also had to create a bank account for
Swiss Franks, because Hilti pays its salary in this currency. There are two main options. The ups bank in
Buchs and the Sparkasse Feldkirch. I decided to open a free Swiss Frank bank account on top of an
obligatory Euro bank account at Sparkasse Feldkirch. I had the option to transfer the money myself. This
option worked out well for me.

Everyday life

My daily routine started with getting up to get to work early. Although no one set any rules, everybody
arrived around 8am. There is a small gym on campus, and I went there in the mornings, since after work
it gets quite busy. The tasks vary a lot from one internship to another. I was mostly working
independently, but I also heard from interns with a packed schedule of meetings. In Liechtenstein, lunch
is already at 12 and some teams go even earlier. There is a canteen on campus, but the prices are more
on the Swiss side. With a few exceptions I always brought my own lunch and joined my team then. Every
floor has multiple kitchens that include a microwave to heat up food. Typically, everyone stays in the
office until 5pm. At Hilti, you are usually always occupied, and you get the opportunity to overtake some
responsibility. I had less free time, than I expected, because with the commute, sports, and cooking, a big
amount of the evening was consumed already.
Nonetheless, I had an amazing experience during my internship. There is always a huge number of
interns at the headquarters. HR organises get togethers every week, so I got to know many people
already from the start. A small team of interns organises workshops in a more or less monthly schedule.
The topic comes from employees within Hilti, so every time you discover challenges in a new area of the
company. I joined this organisation team, so I stayed in touch with these case owners and had the
opportunity to work on my presentation and organisation skills. Next to being insightful, the workshops
were a great opportunity to meet new faces and just have some fun. Furthermore, Hilti has a broad
offering of leisure teams. I joined the football team that meets once a week. During winter, we played
indoors and after April we went outside on a big pitch. Hilti also organised a campus run, sponsored
tickets for a concert in the opera in Schaan and took over the fee for the Zurich marathon. The sign up for
all these events is on a first come first serve basis, but they are announced in advance on the internal

What to do around the area

During the weekends, I was mostly hiking. Cool hikes around the area are Schesaplana which can be
reached by public transport or Hoher Kasten. I definitely recommend doing Säntis and three sisters, but
they are a bit tricky in some parts, so they should not be done as the very first hike. On warmer days, you
can always find people who want to join to go to one of the close by lakes. There is Gamprin in
Liechtenstein, which is a small lake for bathing including changing rooms, a small football pitch, a
basketball court, and a beach volleyball net. Another nice lake is in Feldkirch. Everybody refers to it as
the Hilti Lake, but on a closer look at google maps, the actual lake is next to the Hilti Loch. A bit further
away, but a lot bigger is Walensee. During my time I also visited some cities. During one of the long
weekends around May and June there was enough time to spend several days in Vienna. There is a
direct night train between Feldkirch and Vienna.


Overall, I can recommend spending an internship at the headquarters of Hilti. The application process is
straightforward and the organisation before the start of the internship is also not too hard. HR knows
about all the regulations quite well and is always happy to answer questions. It is easy to find new friends
because there is so many interns there. The area with all the mountains and lakes is nice in summer as
well as in winter

Highly recommendable internship in Liechtenstein

June 6th, 2023 | by
  • Business Administration and Engineering: Mechanical Engineering M.Sc.
  • Liechtenstein, Schaan
  • Hilti AG
  • 10/2022 – 03/2023

© Phil Brune

Hilti AG is a multinational company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying construction tools, systems, and services. It is committed to sustainability and social responsibility and is known for its high-quality products and innovation in the industry.



After I received my acceptance for the internship in Liechtenstein, I immediately started looking for an apartment. Immediately it became clear that it is not allowed to live in the country itself. So, you must decide whether you want to live in Switzerland or in Austria near the border to Liechtenstein. Clear recommendation: Feldkirch in Austria. Pretty much all interns live there, and it is a very nice old town.

Unfortunately, I was quite unlucky with my first apartment. One of my roommates was very unpleasant. That’s why my advice is to find out exactly where you’re moving to and which landlord you have. Without naming names, I can advise against a few.

© Phil Brune

Daily life/Going out:

Before I moved to Feldkirch, I was worried that due to the size of the city (approx. 30,000 inhabitants) there would hardly be anything going on at the weekend. This fear was to prove unjustified very quickly. Feldkirch is a very lively and up-and-coming city. The high percentage of young people and the many bars and dance clubs made me feel at home right away.

Every Thursday, Hilti organizes an “Interns Dinner” for 30 interns in different restaurants. This way you meet new people every week and can expand your international network and make new friends. So you have a direct connection when you start new at Hilti.


Due to Feldkirch’s perfect location, in my opinion, there is plenty to do on the weekends, both in summer and winter. Especially if you’re into outdoor activities, you’ll love it. From hiking and biking to skiing and sledding, there is something for everyone. It’s a stone’s throw to Switzerland and Italy isn’t far either. Together with a few interns, we were in Bern, Zurich, Innsbruck, Turin and Milan, for example.

Work at Hilti AG:

Hilti has its headquarters in Liechtenstein. Both the first production facility (Plant 1) and some business units are located there. The working environment is

© Phil Brune

very international. I was able to expand my network a lot during the internship. There are about 80 interns working there, all of whom come from all over the world. For example, I was able to improve my English a lot.

Overall, the working atmosphere at Hilti is very pleasant and I can highly recommend the company. And the pay is excellent, by the way.

All in all I can highly recommend to do an internship there.

Hilti in Liechtenstein: located in the middle of mountains, better views are hard to find!

September 17th, 2021 | by

©Victoria Jun

  • Construction Engineering B.Sc.
  • Liechtenstein
  • Hilti
  • 01.05.-31.12.2020


After a month of postponing the start of my internship due to Corona, I started it abroad in May 2020 in the Lean/ Smart Factory department at Hilti in Liechtenstein. I can spoiler that I really had a very cool time down there and. Quick info: Liechtenstein is the small country between Switzerland and Austria, not to be confused with Luxembourg 😀 Many thought I was there.

I applied quite normally via the job postings on the website. Since the group is very international and they have a very big intern culture, you can find postings there in many countries and in different divisions. I chose the headquarters in Liechtenstein. So you work in Liechtenstein, but you have to live in Austria or Switzerland. However, getting to Liechtenstein is not a problem, there are regional trains and buses.

The duration for processing the application is not too long and usually includes 2 interviews, with the HR department and with the head of the department. Once you have been accepted, the HR department is very helpful with all questions you ask them, be it contractual and organizational things for the internship or general information. You are added to a Facebook group where apartments or shared rooms are posted when someone has finished their internship, and there is also a WhatsApp group where interns exchange ideas and plan activities together during lunch break, after work or on the weekend. So you’re definitely not alone.

My day-to-day office life was very diverse and also very practical. The overall company organization is located at the headquarters, as well as a production line and a large R&D center. So you can get to know a lot of different areas and, at the beginning, you’re also given a tour of the entire site and production. I also worked partly in the home office, but that’s not a problem because you’re provided with a laptop and you communicate with your colleagues via teams and make phone calls. The company is very international, if you work outside of production, everyone speaks English and you can work with different national backgrounds.

When you work in Liechtenstein, most people live in Feldkirch in Austria or Buchs in Switzerland. It’s up to everyone to decide what they prefer, although of course it’s a bit cheaper to live in Austria.

From both places it takes approx. 15-20 min by train to Liechtenstein. Hilti itself has its own train station. If you can’t find an apartment in the Facebook group, you can also search for flat-shares and apartments via WG-gesucht. That’s also how I found my WG.

I already mentioned that there are trains and buses to Liechtenstein. In the province of Voralberg, which borders Liechtenstein, they sell a train ticket that is valid for the whole province, including Liechtenstein. It is available as a yearly subscription and costs only 100€ when applying for the first time and showing a driver’s license. This is really super cheap and helps with the daily trips to the office or the trips to Lake Constance or the mountains on the weekends. You can easily buy it at the mobility office in Feldkirch.

In general, the region down there offers lots of opportunities to keep busy after work. Lake Constance is very attractive for swimming, stand up paddling or getting to know different cities. The mountains, both on the Swiss side and in Austria invite you to many hikes. There is something for every level of difficulty: relaxed walks, longer summit tours or climbing routes can be mastered there. If you want to make a trip to the city, Innsbruck, Zurich or Munich are only 2 hours away by car or train. So there should be something for everyone. Since I was there during Corona, clubs and parties were closed, which is why I cannot say much about it. But they exist 😀

All in all, I can 100% recommend internships at Hilti and in the area! The company is very innovative and you get to know many different people and the daily work routine. The nature and the surroundings down there invite you to go on many different tours on the weekends. The intern community is really big, so you’re never alone and quickly find friends. By the way, you meet many employees who also studied at RWTH.

I hope my report could support you in your decision, and if you have any further questions about Austria, Liechtenstein, Hilti or other companies in Liechtenstein or Voralberg, feel free to contact me (via Shari Uszynski). There are a lot of great companies in the region down there.