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Welcome new MATSE trainees!

September 16th, 2022 | by


Welcoming of the new MATSE beginners in the lecture hall

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90 new trainees began their dual training as mathematical-technical software developers (MATSE) on September 1.

The welcoming ceremony followed on September 2 in the IT Center to welcome all the creative newcomers.

The signs were good that this year’s MATSE beginner event will be successful. In the meantime, masks, disinfectants and spacing rules are part of our new ‘normal’ and that’s not a bad thing at all. On the contrary – because of these conditions the MATSE Welcoming on September 2 and the Beginner Meeting including Math Dual Barbecue on September 7 could take place as a physical event at the IT Center facilities.

Disciplined, committed and curious – on Friday, September 2 at 9:30am Benno Wienke and Claudia Keverpütz welcomed all the 90 new MATSE trainees in the lecture hall of the IT Center, where they received their first introduction to the MATSE vocational training.

Afterwards we hold the MATSE rally again after more than two years.

The MATSE beginners were present everywhere in the building: at ten stations distributed throughout the IT Center, they dealt with various tasks and puzzles. They got to know the paths and rooms in the IT Center and mastered their first challenges as a group. Within these challenges, cooperation was tested and the MATSE beginners had the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Begin of the MATSE rally in the IT Center

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After the rally, the rally cards of the different groups were collected and evaluated. The teams that scored the most points during the rally were to be crowned the winners at the award ceremony on the following Wednesday on September 7.

And Here We Go – The Second Part

The second part of the MATSE beginner event took place on Wednesday, September 7, and started at 2:30pm with an introduction to the MATSE services. Daniel Weinholz and the MATSE trainees of the vocational training year of 2021, Philip Dorsch and Thomas Janissen, informed the newcomers about the possibilities and operation of this organizational tool for MATSE training.

The award ceremony for the winners of the MATSE rally from the welcome day followed:

The winning team was delighted to receive RWTH thermal mugs. The second and third place groups were honoured with RWTH ceramic mugs and RWTH cloth bags with writing utensils. The winners of the rally’s creative task were also rewarded with an RWTH multitool.

Award ceremony of the best rally team

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All in all there were no losers. For all teams, sponsors, guests, instructors and former trainees, a barbecue sponsored by Mathe-Dual e.V took place afterwards.

This following barbecue event was harmonious and sociable. The parking lot in front of Kopernikusstrasse has been transformed for one afternoon into a meeting point for all those involved in the MATSE training. In the end, about 160 guests, including the new trainees, other MATSE cohorts, trainers, the MATSE training administration and the organizers of the event, had a successful end of the event.

Overall, the new MATSE trainees had a good start into the upcoming training.

Served beverages and barbecue on the parking lot of the IT Center

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We thank all the volunteers of the IT Center who made it possible that these events became an all-around nice welcoming event for the MATSE newcomers and all other participants!

You Are Wondering What MATSE Is All About?

MATSE training opens many doors. Not least because of developments such as digitalization, Industry 4.0 or Big Data. It contains both theoretical and practical components, which are acquired in the main areas of mathematics, computer science and programming. With this knowledge, an entry into web development, parallel programming, simulation of technical processes, database development, data visualization or statistical evaluations is possible. MATSE are thus specialists for exceptional software. The MATSE vocational training lasts three years and ends with a final examination by the IHK. At the same time, students complete the dual bachelor’s degree program in “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science” at Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

You want to learn more about MATSE? Then feel free to contact Benno Wienke, the head of training at the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University, directly. You can find more information on the pages


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