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My experiences in Trondheim, Norway

June 17th, 2022 | by
  • Business Administration and Engineering Materials and Process Engineering, M. Sc.
  • Trondheim, Norway
  • NTNU Trondheim
  • 01.04.2022 – 31.05.2022

My experiences:

I am solely responsible for the content of this report.

During my master thesis which I am writing in collaboration with the NTNU in Trondheim and RWTH in Aachen I spent two months in Trondheim.


Since I was already in Trondheim the semester before as an exchange student, I was quite familiar with the city, university as well as with the application procedure. During my exchange semester I attended the course MFA I (Material Flow Analysis) with Prof. Müller and decided to write the upcoming master thesis together with him and the RWTH.

After gathering some information, the application was very easy and quick. The next step was then the application/registration at the NTNU to get the student rights etc. and to be also able to apply for student accommodation through SIT (the organisation which provide the accommodations and other things in Trondheim). I received the confirmation of both in time so I could plan all the rest.

© Moritz Langhorst

Office routine

During the two months I felt very welcome at the department and was able to work in the study room with all the other students writing their master thesis. This was a good way to get to know them and to see on which topics the other students and researchers in the group are working. My weekly meetings with my supervisors could now also take place in person, which was very helpful for the working progress. I could also participate in the regular group meetings of the research group where the researchers of the group are presenting their work.


Because I still knew some people from my exchange semester, it was very easy to find a lot of activities for the time besides the thesis. On weekends we went on a lot of cabin trips in the surrounding area, spent evenings on the fjord to watch the sunset, went bouldering or in bars. Trondheim has especially for students a lot to offer. A very nice coincidence was that the 17th of May, which is the national holiday in Norway, was in my time in Trondheim. This was a perfect opportunity to get to know the Norwegian culture, starting with a brunch and parades in the city.

© Moritz Langhorst

© Moritz Langhorst


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