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RWTH Aachen at Psychonomics!

24. November 2022 | von

Several members of Chair I (Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Prof. Dr. Iring Koch) presented their research at Psychonomics in Boston, USA, this last weekend.


Elena Benini (co-authors: Iring Koch, Susanne Mayr, Andrea Philipp) travelled all the way to Boston to present her fabulous poster on “Binding of Task-Irrelevant Contextual Dimensions in Language Switching” (see photo).

Patricia Hirsch (co-authors: Iring Koch) presented her virtual poster on her recent work on “Dynamics of the Secondary Task Activation in Task-Interruption Contexts”.

Luca Moretti (co-authors: Iring Koch, Marco Steinhauser, Stefanie Schuch) presented part of his PhD work in his virtual talk on “Investigating the Sequential Effects of Stimulus-Based Task Conflict in Task Switching”.

Tanja Roembke (co-authors: Iring Koch, Andrea Philipp) presented her virtual talk on “The Role of Orthographic Similarity in Language Switching”.


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