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RWTH Aachen at ESCoP in Porto!

18. September 2023 | von


The biannual conference of the European Society of Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP) was held in Porto this September. RWTH Aachen was well-represented with three chairs of the institute presenting their work.

Cognitive and Experimental Psychology: Prof. Dr. Iring Koch


Tanja Roembke: How DOes Orthographic Similarity Impact Language Switching?
Andrea Philipp: (After-)Effects of Language Switching: Evidence for Proactive Inhibition?
Iring Koch: Does the Dominant Language Always Require More Inhibition During Bilingual Language Production?
Luca Moretti: Quality Over Quantity: Focusing on High-Conflict Trials to Improve the Reliability and Validity of Attentional Control Measures.
Denise Stephan: Response Precueing in a Crossmodal Context.
Matilde Simonetti: The Impact of Overlapping Mappings on the Acquisition and Retrieval of Word Meanings.

Poster Presentations

Amy Strivens: Does Preparation Reduce the Effects of Feature Binding when Switching Auditory Attention?
Jing Tong: Within- and Between-Language Semantic Priming in Classifier-Noun Phrases.
Anton Koger: Influence of Cognitive Demand Predictability on Balance Control.

Work and Engineering Psychology: Prof. Dr. Sabine Schlittmeier

Poster Presentations

Chinthusa Mohanathasan: Memory and Listening Effort in Two-Talker Conversations: Does Face Visibility Help Us Remember?

Social and Biological Psychology: Prof. Dr. Anna Kuhlen

Poster Presentations

Anna Kuhlen: How Do People Discriminate Conversations Generated by Humans and Artificial Intelligence? The Role of Individual Variability on People’s Judgement.
Rachel Brown: The Influence of Action-Effect Compatibility on Sequence Planning and Inter-Manual Transfer.
Mathias Van der Biest: Social Instructions: The Formation of Shared Task Sets in a Collaborative Context.

We are so happy that we could present our diverse work on language switching, auditory attention, motor control, word learning, cognitive control, listening effort, conversation judgements and sequence planning in beautiful Porto!

Welcome Isabella Boux!

18. August 2023 | von

In August Isabella Boux joined the group Biological Psychology and Social Psychology (Prof. Dr. Anna Kuhlen). She’s taken on the role of a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on research activities and contributing to teaching Psychology courses for the Bachelor program starting from the winter semester of 2023/24. Isabella is in the final stages of completing her doctoral degree at the Free University Berlin. Her research has centered around the neural aspects of language as a mean of communication. Specifically, she’s been looking into brain activity patterns during speech production in social-interactive tasks and during comprehension of the communicative action carried out by direct and indirect uses of language. Her general research interest revolve around the topic of language use in social-communicative contexts and she has expertise in the conduction of EEG, TMS and behavioural experiments.

Welcome to the Institute, Isabella!

Wir begrüßen Frau Prof. Dr. Anna Kuhlen am IfP!

05. Oktober 2022 | von

Frau Prof. Dr. Anna Kuhlen wurde als Professorin für Biologische Psychologie und Sozialpsychologie an die RWTH Aachen University berufen. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Frau Prof. Kuhlen nun am IfP forschen und lehren wird!

Als experimentell arbeitende Psychologin untersucht Frau Prof. Kuhlen die neurokognitiven Mechanismen von Kommunikation und sozialer Interaktion. Im Zentrum steht hierbei die Frage, wie kognitive, im Individuum verankerte Prozesse durch die soziale Interaktion und den/die Interaktionspartner/innen geprägt sind.

Frau Prof. Kuhlen promovierte 2010 an der Stony Brook University in New York zu partner-spezifischen Anpassungen in Dialog. Sie arbeitete zuletzt als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin in Forschung und Lehre am Institut für Psychologie der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

In diesem Wintersemester lehrt Anna Kuhlen für den polyvalenten B.Sc. Psychologie und bietet die Vorlesung Sozialpsychologie sowie Vertiefungsseminare an. Ab kommenden Sommersemester kommen Lehrangebote aus dem Bereich Biologische Psychologie hinzu.

Frau Prof. Kuhlen ist verheiratet und hat zwei Kinder. In ihrer Freizeit arbeitet sie gerne im Garten und beobachtet die Natur.

Herzlich Willkommen am IfP, Frau Prof. Kuhlen!