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RWTH Aachen at Psychonomics!

24. November 2022 | von

Several members of Chair I (Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Prof. Dr. Iring Koch) presented their research at Psychonomics in Boston, USA, this last weekend.


Elena Benini (co-authors: Iring Koch, Susanne Mayr, Andrea Philipp) travelled all the way to Boston to present her fabulous poster on “Binding of Task-Irrelevant Contextual Dimensions in Language Switching” (see photo).

Patricia Hirsch (co-authors: Iring Koch) presented her virtual poster on her recent work on “Dynamics of the Secondary Task Activation in Task-Interruption Contexts”.

Luca Moretti (co-authors: Iring Koch, Marco Steinhauser, Stefanie Schuch) presented part of his PhD work in his virtual talk on “Investigating the Sequential Effects of Stimulus-Based Task Conflict in Task Switching”.

Tanja Roembke (co-authors: Iring Koch, Andrea Philipp) presented her virtual talk on “The Role of Orthographic Similarity in Language Switching”.


Herzlichen Willkommen, Matilde!

07. November 2022 | von

Matilde Simonetti joined the Chair I (Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Prof. Dr. Iring Koch) as a PhD student this November. Matilde is part of the DFG funded project “Statistical word learning in bilinguals: Examining changes in learning behaviour due to differences in language environment” (led by Dr. Tanja Roembke).

Matilde previously completed her BA in Psychology and MA in Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences at the University Milano-Bicocca, where she conducted some research on strategy adaptation in matrix games.


Welcome, Matilde, we are looking forward to working with you!