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Das IfP auf der TeaP 2023

24. April 2023 | von

Vom 26.03. bis zum 29.03. fand die 65te Tagung für experimentell arbeitende PsychologInnen (TeaP) in Trier statt.

Das IfP war mit einer ganzen Reihe von Beiträgen  aus der Kognitions- und Experimentalpsychologie, Arbeits- und Ingenieurpsychologie und Biologische Psychologie und Sozialpsychologie vertreten.

Es wurden Vorträge gehalten, Symposien organisiert und Sessions als Chair geleitet.



Kognitions- und Experimentalpsychologie


Iring Koch, Andrea Kiesel, Christian Frings, Stefan Koch. Podiumsdiskussion zu Verbundprojektanträgen in der Psychologie

Iring Koch, Mathieu Declerck, Greta Petersen, Daniel Rister, Wolfgang Scharke, Andrea M. Philipp. Examining language dominance effects on bilingual inhibition using three languages

Tanja Roembke, Elena Benini, Andrea M. Philipp. The Impact of Phonological Co-Activation on Written Language Switching

Andrea M. Philipp. Language switching interacts with morphological configuration switching between and within trials

Jing Tong. Semantic classifier congruency in the first and second language

Denise N. Stephan. Crossmodal response precueing

Amy Strivens, Elena Benini., Andrea M. Philipp, Iring Koch, Aureliu Lavric. Switching between dichotic voices cued by gender or location: do preparation and feature binding interact?


Ludivine Schils. No impact of age on performance in a crossmodal task-switching paradigm

Anton Koger, Leif Johannsen, Iring Koch, Denise N. Stephan. The Influence of Cognitive Demands on Balance Control Extends the View of Shared Resources Using an Event-Related Methodology

Patricia Hirsch, Iring Koch, Luca Moretti. The role of inhibition in task-interruption situations

Matilde Simonetti, Iring Koch, Tanja Roembke. Online Competition among Multiple Word-Object-Mappings in Cross-Situational Statistical Learning


Elena Benini, Malte Möller, Iring Koch, Andrea M. Philipp, Ruyi Qiu, Susanne Mayr. A Repeating Task Retrieves the Previous Response in Task Switching

Arbeits- und Ingenieurpsychologie


Christian Böffel. Avatars that pop! Investigating the role of attention for avatar-based
compatibility effects

Chinthusa Mohanathasan, Jonathan Ehret, Cosima A. Ermert, Janina Fels, Torsten W. Kuhlen, Sabine J. Schlittmeier. Memory and Listening Effort in Conversations: The Role of Spatial Cues and Cognitive Functions


Pamela Baess & Christian Böffel. Spatial Compatibility Effects: Old effects, new ideas and a bright future I&II

Biologische Psychologie und Sozialpsychologie


Anna K. Kuhlen. Partner-elicited semantic facilitation in an online cooperative joint picture classification task


Carina G. Giesen, Anna K. Kuhlen, Miles Tufft: Cognitive building blocks in social contexts


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