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IfP goes to California for Psychonomics!

08. Januar 2024 | von

Several members of the Cognitive and Experimental Chair travelled to the 64th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society in San Francisco, CA, to present their work on diverse topics such as bilingual production, sequence learning and attentional control.

Does the Dominant Language Always Require More Inhibition During Bilingual Language Production? Talk presented by Prof. Dr. Iring Koch (co-authors: Mathieu Declerck, Greta Petersen, Daniel Rister, Wolfgang Scharke, Andrea M. Philipp)

Quality over Quantity: Focusing on High-Conflict Trials to Improve the Reliability and Validity of Attentional Control Measures. Talk presented by Dr. Luca Moretti (co-authors: Iring Koch, Claudia von Bastian)

Biligual Sequence Learning: Costly or Beneficial? Talk presented by Dr. Denise N. Stephan (co-authors: Mathieu Declerck, Iring Koch)

Shifting Attention Between Simultaneous Voices: How We Prepare to Listen to a New Speaker. Poster presented by Amy Strivens (co-authors: Elena Benini, Iring Koch, Aureliu Lavric)

Repetition Costs in Sequence Chunking. Poster presented by Dr. Rachel M. Brown (co-author: Iring Koch)

Evidence of Task-Triggered Retrieval of the Previous Response: A Binding Perspective on Response-Repetition Benefits in Task Switching. Poster presented by Elena Benini (co-authors: Malte Möller, Iring Koch, Andrea M. Philipp, Ruyi Qiu, Susanne Mayr)

Exploring the Influence of Processing Conflicts on Memory Encoding in Dual-Task Situations. Poster presented by Sandra Hensen (co-authors: Iring Koch, Patricia Hirsch)

Crossmodal Attention Switching: Impact of Aging on Selective Attention Within Task-Switching Paradigm. Poster presented by Ludivine Schils (co-authors: Iring Koch, Pi-Chun Huang, Shulan Hsieh, Denise N. Stephan)

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